Monday, January 2nd 2012

The Most Pirated Games of 2011

Today Kotaku is reporting the top 5 games pirated for major platforms this year according to TorrentFreak. As usual the PC platform is the most guilty almost doubling in pirated copies then its competitors.

Some of the titles listed are not surprising but the lack of a certain title filled with dragon slaying is. Why Skyrim didn't make the top five is anyone's guess. Either Steam is in fact the most user friendly DRM or people just love Skyrim. Either way this is just a small glimpse into the world of pirated software.

Top Five Pirated PC Games

1. Crysis 2 (3,920,000) (March 2011)
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (3,650,000) (November 2011)
3. Battlefield 3 (3,510,000) (October 2011)
4. FIFA 12 (3,390,000) (September 2011)
5. Portal 2 (3,240,000) (April 2011)Source: Kotaku
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Overclocked quantum bit
erocker said:
But on the internet, everything is free! FREE!!!!

Good job MailMan, nice and simple. We don't need analysis and opinion, we have forum members for that. Keep up the good work! :toast:
Hey, I thought you didn't like news stories and threads about piracy, as you love to keep telling me...

I guess it depends on who posts it, huh? ;)
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Senior Moderator
btarunr said:
didn't touch MW3 or FIFA12 with a barge pole
Fifa 12 is pretty good though!
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Editor & Senior Moderator
erocker said:
Fifa 12 is pretty good though!
Sure. But I'm a cricket person. :o
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I think this is the first news story in 2012 I've read completely with out skimming through.. hehehe short and sweet! I like it! :toast: Keep them coming! :toast:
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Sad sad stuff.
Damn pirated :(
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Portal 2 was not even an expensive game. It is odd. Dumb pirates.
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Can anyone guess which game I bought and play the most? This could be a tough one...
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Haven't played any of those yet, but if Skyrim and Saints Row 3 are not at the top of that list, then I guess they sold well. And that's good.
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So i bought the most pirated game of the last year. Teh joy. It was also one of the worst experiences in 2011. Average game loaded with bugs and shitty graphics. Oh and pathetic rubbish multiplayer. And then ppl wonder why they pirate games. It was freakin junk. If they'd release it with all the bug fixes and DX11like it did few months later it would be decent. But playing it the second time with fixes is simply nowhere near the same as playing it the first time properly.
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I regret buying mw3, bf3 came with my gfx, and portal 2 was simply one of the best games I bought, and I only paid £12 for it.
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btarunr said:
It's free, but useless without countless micro-transactions that end up making it cost more than, say, BF3.
Sorry BTA for straying out of the topic, but you're utterly mistaken, I've been playing WOT since Beta, and still playing it and have had almost every German tank, I play and make profit and still after all this time I haven't spent a single penny on the game; if you play well enough and you pay attention to the events and giveaways that will give you the little gold you really need to play the game at its fullest. :) (BTW if anyone wants to add me to your friend list my IGN is RealSagara)

Now, on topic: 3MM+ of pirated copies are a lot of losses, but unless the companies developing and publishing games are coming with red numbers they shouldn't bitch about it.
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TheMailMan78 said:

1. Crysis 2 (3,920,000)
Maybe if they did the MP demo a little bit earlier than the leak, people would've found out it ain't worth the effort.
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (3,650,000)
Duh! People played an Italian Job for it :rolleyes:
3. Battlefield 3 (3,510,000)
Of which more than 50% did so because of Origin. Hell, I did !
4. FIFA 12 (3,390,000)
Ain't a big fan of football. Can rot in hell for all I care.
5. Portal 2 (3,240,000)
Never played it.
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"I go fast!1!11!1!"
I doubt the accuracy of that list. There's no way Crysis 2 was the most pirated.
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Steven B
I got BF3, i played it for a little while, i thought the SP was 500% better than MP. I don't like having to unlock everything, especial for vehicles, i mean sure you want to be realistic, that really isn't realistic. What kind of fighter jet doesn't have flares? I mean i might be able to fight off missles with some moves, but when a helicopter can shoot me down, it is sad. We aren't even talking about the lack of missiles. Then you have hackers that seemingly kill before you can spawn, and then everyone leaves that server. Good thing I asked for a sample rather than buying it, because i would have been pissed. IMO I am kind of smile when i see people pirate such a bad MP game.

but I did buy BFBC2 i thought its SP wasn't as good as BF3, i like more realistic campaigns that could actually happen. i dislike SP campaigns that are set in pre-1990. I thought tho that BFBC2 Mp is the best I have ever played.
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MxPhenom 216
Corsair Fanboy
iLLz said:
Can anyone guess which game I bought and play the most? This could be a tough one...
yes, and you sig is too big. Can't be bigger then 100x500
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Hey Guys Don't Forget "Skyrim" since it is number 1 game at 2011 !!
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FordGT90Concept said:
I doubt the accuracy of that list. There's no way Crysis 2 was the most pirated.
Course it was, they had a huge leak and everybody who considered buying it just pirated it instead because they wanted it before it was released.
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Steven B said:

but I did buy BFBC2 i thought its SP wasn't as good as BF3, i like more realistic campaigns that could actually happen. i dislike SP campaigns that are set in pre-1990.
If you think BF3 SP seemed 'realistic' as though it 'could really happen', then I really do wonder what sort sense of reality you live with. I think that single player shooters based around modern warfare should stick to goofy stories that dont try to take themselves seriously as the alternative is invariably the sort of naff gung-ho right wing US propaganda bullshit that just pisses off anyone with any degree of inteligence whatsoever. BF3 single player very much falls into this category. BF3 MP however was and is fantastic although the fact that the rehashed old maps (B2K) totally wipe the floor with all of the new ones, is quite concerning regarding how DICe intend to progress the series.

As for the list, I both bought and pirated BF3.

I pirated Crysis 2 as I suspected it was going to be shit, it was, and I barely ever played it.

I pirated FIFA 12 cos I am really a Pro Evo Soccer man (which I bought) and I think FIFA is shit and I never played it.

MW3 I never even pirated, I wouldnt even take a legit copy if it was given to me for free.

So as can be seen, most of the time my pirate japes dont mean a lost sale to the publishers. The only time it does mean a lost sale is if compulsory DRM gets in between me and the experience of the game. Thus I never bought Deus Ex HR even though I totally loved that game and this is one of the main reasons I amn't buying Skyrim. Amazing as it is in many respects, Skyrim is nontheless hugely overrated and suffers from a severe dose of US script writing gayness......Gothic/Risen are miles better RPGs.
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Nobody ever seems to take people seriously when they say they only pirate games they wouldn't buy. Skyrim isn't on the list. Crysis 2 is at the top. I find that rather telling.
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i think most people pirated crysis 2 simply as EA fucked them in the past.

Who else here legitimately bought crysis warhead only for it now to be uninstallable because you no longer have the HW/OS setup you last installed it on and have used up all 5 installations. not gd EA, not gd :shadedshu
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I might not always pay for the games I play, but I damn sure did purchase skyrim at midnight at a gamestop, I always support companies that make incredible content, any game that is a reskin of 3 others (COD) doesnt deserve money. and any game that is ruined by Origin and shouldbe put on steam (BF3) doesnt deserve money either.
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I think the reason for Skyrim not being on the list is that it seems to be an awesome game that a majority of people favor regardless of their game genre tastes. Skyrim had the most concurrent Steam users I have ever seen (350,000+ in Skyrim) and to this day, 115,000 players are still playing it. It's just about more than double the concurrent MW3 players today.

While Skyrim does have some minor flaws (e.g. some characters repeating voice lines continuously, or minimal texture problems), I feel that it has something most games are lacking today: a good storyline. Call of Duty is just something you pay $60 for a year for a "reused" game, skip the frivolous 6 hour campaign, join multiplayer, gain points and ranks, frag people endlessly and get pwned by hackers whose hacks probably worked on CoD4. I think Skyrim has a lot of attention to detail as in everything looks different, the level design is nice and challenging, and I've already played for 15 hours without even getting halfway through the game yet. Seems like many games lack the quality and design of their predecessors.
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Skyrim is safe! :)
What about most pirated programs or songs?
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Aleksander Dishnica said:
What about most pirated programs or songs?
friday by rebecca black
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TPU addict
FreedomEclipse said:

But where is Skyrim on that list???

So you are telling me tha MW3 is better then Skyrim???
Skyrim = worth buying

MW3 = worth pirating = no worth shit.
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