Wednesday, January 11th 2012

Arctic Shows Off Freezer i30 and A30 CPU Coolers

Arctic showed of two nearly-identical CPU coolers, the Freezer i30 and Freezer A30. The two are identical till the point where the i30 is designed for Intel sockets only (LGA2011, LGA1155/1156), while the A30, for AMD sockets only (AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2). The two share a tower-type aluminum fin-stack heatsink design, capable of handling thermal loads of up to 320W.

The heatsink uses four 8 mm thick exposed-copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the CPU at the base, and pass through the heatsink, which is then ventilated by a 120 mm PWM-controlled fan with a fancy-looking frame. Rubber standoffs attach the fan to the heatsink dampening vibrations. The retention clips come attached to the heatsink out of the box. A 0.5g syringe of Arctic MX-4 compound is included, while the coolers' base don't come with the compound pre-applied.
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
Can't change fans due to these being special :( -10 points!
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I eagrly await to see AC's answer to Scythe's Yasya\Mugen3\Ninja3 coolers at the super low cost but yet top notch performance. The Freezer Xtreme was barly close to that
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brandonwh64, post: 2513252"
Can't change fans due to these being special :( -10 points!
Looks like standard mounting holes to me. The only difference to a regular 120 should be the fancy design, but that is purely eye-candy with no added functionality.
I see no obvious reason why Arctic would want to make the fan non-user-changeable.

EDIT: I checked on Arctic's website, and it said this:
As a combined result of the 4 direct touch heatpipes, 48 Aluminum fins, an interchangeable 120 mm PWM Fan (ARCTIC F12 PWM), and the famous ARCTIC MX-4 thermal compound (included), the Freezer i30 offers superior cooling performance with a maximum cooling capacity of 320 Watts and lots of headroom for overclocking.
The F PWM fan is a regular-sized fan, no different from any other.
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In this day and age why do they still make separate platform HSF is still beyond me.. :banghead:
With most of their competitor making HSF with mounting for both type of platform, to me this is -50 points for me.. :shadedshu
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LOL i30, Hyundai mustn't be too happy about that name with their Hyundai i30 car =.=
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OH, I have such a headache
Why are they calling it Freezer ? That thing can't freeze jack shit ! Another re-brand is what I see . Every one of these freezers look exactly the same apart from the fan . So the fan blades being what makes it get so cold if FREEZES ? Good GOD what is with them . They have the same number of Heat pipes on ALL OF THEM ! Just keep Re-branding the same thing put a white fan on it make the tin find a bit more loos looking . GOD !
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OH, I have such a headache
micropage7, post: 2513699"
the fan looks pretty good
Yeah the white fan blades make the air cooler as is spins it through the fins .
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After emailing Arctic, I was told that those fans simply have a decorative faceplate on them, and you can use any 120mm fans you want, with or without the faceplate.
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