Wednesday, January 11th 2012

Intel's Dodgy Ivy Bridge DX11 Demo: That Ultrabook Tested

Yesterday, we reported on Intel's embarrassing gaffe at demonstrating racing game F1 1 2011 running on a prototype ultrabook with an Ivy Bridge processor, where it was really just a video. Since then, AnandTech has seen that game play on an Ivy Bridge notebook just fine, but the best proof has come now, where they got hold of the actual ultrabook at the centre of the controversy and tested it with that game. The result? It works just fine, like we suspected. It looks like Intel just need a little PR makeover, is all. Video proof follows.

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26 Comments on Intel's Dodgy Ivy Bridge DX11 Demo: That Ultrabook Tested

qubit said:
How do you know that?

Also, aren't Intel already ahead in power management?
about graphic there's nothing we can talk about comparing intel and AMD because, beside.. for power management i just comparing SB to Llano, not the entire cpu lineup..

newtekie1 said:
It was Dirt2 and undisclosed settings at an unknown resolution. Honestly, I wouldn't want to use either for gaming, their both crap GPU wise.
as far as i know Dirt2 didnt have a snowy tracks, i had completed the game few months ago..
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