Wednesday, January 18th 2012

Google Delivers Chrome 18.0.1010.0/1 Through the Dev Channel

Search giant Google has once again updated the Chrome Dev Channel and released two new Chrome builds, version 18.0.1010.0 for Mac and Linux, and 18.0.1010.1 for Windows. According to their maker, these builds include the following updates:


- The PDF plugin now adds 'Rotate Clockwise' and 'Rotate Counterclockwise' commands to context menus, so users can more easily view documents scanned horizontally.
- Updated the first-run bubble text and added a link to change the current search engine.
- Fixed HTML5 showing download bar in fullscreen mode.


- Fixed issue where Cmd-W would close the whole window in fullscreen mode.
- Fixed best-fit-window-zoom.

The Chrome 18.0.1010.x builds can be downloaded via this page.
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5 Comments on Google Delivers Chrome 18.0.1010.0/1 Through the Dev Channel

Where is Firefox 20 and IE 12? :p
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still waiting for FireFox 322398472
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I think FireFox has been installing some subliminal anti-google chrome installing code in their updates.
I've just downloaded the installer but I am reluctant to install it.
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Is this news? v.19 will be out next week
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I was on this build last week and flash performance dropped to a slideshow crawl and crashed constantly.
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