Tuesday, January 24th 2012

Fujitsu Laboratories of America Hosts Fifth Annual Technology Forum

Fujitsu Laboratories of America announced that it is hosting its Fifth Annual Technology Forum in Santa Clara, California tomorrow. The theme for this year’s event is “From Sensor Networks to Human Networks – Turning Big Data into Actionable Wisdom.” This invitation only event will feature keynote talks and panel discussions on how “big data” is transforming our daily lives and will showcase innovative new big data based solutions from Fujitsu companies worldwide.

According to industry experts, as a result of broad adoption of new technologies for personal communication and online interaction including smart phones and social networking, 2.4 zettabytes (2.4 billion terabytes) of unstructured big data will be created in 2012. These new layers of data about people, places, and things are emerging in real time from many directions, providing context around our content, location, searches, purchases, environment, and social/interest graphs. This is creating new challenges for Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”) industry around data privacy, storage, bandwidth and processing, but also new opportunities for delivering valuable services to customers and society, by converting this data into actionable wisdom.

“Big data provides a huge market opportunity for ICT leaders like Fujitsu to develop human-centric solutions that address needs of societies globally,” said Yasunori Kimura, President and CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories. “Our innovative solutions harness the power of big data while taking into account people’s needs for privacy, access and control.”

The Technology Forum will feature talks by Fujitsu executives and industry experts on big data including Gordon Bell, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research, Tatsuo Tomita, President of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Tony Doye, President and CEO of Fujitsu America Inc., and Michael Chui, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute. The breakout sessions will discuss important issues including data privacy and security and new applications in healthcare, cloud computing and business models being enabled by big data. Additionally the Forum will feature innovative big data solutions from Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu companies worldwide, including:
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