Monday, January 30th 2012

Office 15 Enters ‘Technical Preview’ Phase, Public Beta Planned for Summer

As announced by PJ Hough, CVP of Development at Microsoft's Office Division, the next version of the Office suite (codenamed Office 15) has now entered 'Technical Preview' mode, meaning it's being shared with a 'select group of customers under non-disclosure agreements'.

"At this early point in our development cycle, I'm not able to share too much about Office 15, but I can tell you Office 15 is the most ambitious undertaking yet for the Office Division," says Hough. "With Office 15, for the first time ever, we will simultaneously update our cloud services, servers, and mobile and PC clients for Office, Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project, and Visio. Quite simply, Office 15 will help people work, collaborate, and communicate smarter and faster than ever before."

People who didn't get in the Technical Preview Program will be able to try out Office 15 this summer when a public beta version is released. The RTM (Release to Manufacturing) build of Office 15 is reportedly planned for the end of this year.
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3 Comments on Office 15 Enters ‘Technical Preview’ Phase, Public Beta Planned for Summer

~Technological Technocrat~
Office 15??? Christ ive just started using office 2010 after using 2007 Enterprise for the last 5-6years.

I dont understand why something like this needs to be updated as its bound to cost at least £130-250 depending which version you are going to buy and its just not worth it when people out there are still happy to use older products like Offices XP or 2003.
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Completely Bonkers
Office 2k3 is serving me well. Yes, office 2010 is better, and using classic menu you can avoid the ribbon. But nonetheless Office 2k10 cannot enable me to do something I cannot achieve in 2k3. (I'm not using sharepoint services etc.)

However, I am interested in looking at what Office 15 has to offer... since 2k3 will be 10 years old by the time Office 15 is launched! Surely, there is going to be something that will help me significantly improve content management/creation. Let's see...
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Black Hades
Honestly I dont use the whole office suite, I could manage perfectly with open source alternatives.

However I find Excel to be extremely well built and years ahead of the competition (payed or free). There's a HUGE leap forward from Excel 2007 to 2010. They really work hard to enhance versatility, workflow speed.

Then again i use Excel daily and on an advanced level. if all you need is to list a few things and add them up you're better off using Libre Office I presume.

Going back to Office 2003 would be like switching from a F-22 Raptor to a Bell P-59 (world war 2 fighter) :p
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