Wednesday, February 1st 2012

CM Storm Trooper Gets 20th Anniversary Limited Time Pricing

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today announces an exciting new offering as part of its ongoing 20th anniversary celebration.

As a part of Cooler Master’s continued effort to thank its various stakeholders for 20 years of loyalty, a flagship chassis will receive a special pricing for a limited time that is available through all of our U.S. and Canadian channel partners. Effective immediately, the CM Storm Trooper will now be available for $149.99 MSRP, making it a top tier case with unmatched value.
“Our team has been searching for several ways to show our customers that we’ve gotten this far by the bond that we’ve forged with them and our partners over the years. It is through this, and other, gestures that we hope to convey that gratitude.”, said Bryant Nguyen, Senior Product & Marketing Manager for Cooler Master USA, Inc.
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4 Comments on CM Storm Trooper Gets 20th Anniversary Limited Time Pricing

Wow what a steal for an amazing case. Going to see if I can pick this up to replace my cm storm enforcer.
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Glad I got my Storm Sniper for $120 when I did :D
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Two months ago CM 690 II Advanced was ~ $40 at Newegg, that I call a steal.
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