Monday, February 6th 2012

Rambus Acquires Unity Semiconductor

Rambus Inc., one of the world's premier technology licensing companies, today announced it has acquired privately-held Unity Semiconductor, an innovative memory technology company for an aggregate of $35 million in cash. As part of this acquisition, the Unity team members have joined Rambus to continue developing innovations and solutions for next-generation non-volatile memory. This acquisition will expand the breadth of Rambus' breakthrough memory technologies and will open up new markets for licensing. The boards of directors of both companies have approved the acquisition and it has closed.

"At Rambus, we are creating disruptive technologies to enable future electronic products," said Sharon Holt, senior vice president and general manager of the Semiconductor Business Group at Rambus. "With the addition of Unity, we can develop non-volatile memory solutions that will advance semiconductor scaling beyond the limits of today's NAND technology. This will enable new memory architectures that help meet ever-increasing consumer demands."

"Rambus provides our team the perfect environment to continue the technology development of non-volatile memory cells and architectures," said David Eggleston, president and chief executive officer at Unity Semiconductor. "Our comprehensive set of design, process and device solutions will complement Rambus' existing strong technology portfolio and system capabilities."

Unity has developed a novel solid state memory technology intended to replace NAND in the growing non-volatile memory market. With nine years of development history, Unity's memory technology, CMOx, has been designed to accelerate the commercialization of the Terabit generation of non-volatile memories. Devices using CMOx cell technology are expected to achieve higher density, faster performance, lower manufacturing costs and greater data reliability than NAND Flash.
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5 Comments on Rambus Acquires Unity Semiconductor

"and will open up new markets for licensing" fresh new opportunities to be a patent troll and file bunches of lawsuits.

"At Rambus, we are creating disruptive lawsuits to enable future profits for our stock holders" said Sharon Holt
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hmmmmmm....wonder what patents they hold??? :shadedshu
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Cristian_25H said:
one of the world's premier technology licensing companies
Gee, is that what patent troll goes by nowadays?
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badtaylorx said:
hmmmmmm....wonder what patents they hold??? :shadedshu
Really broad ones that are based on the obvious future of tech. The same ones that all the firms hold to defended them selfs:laugh: They issued a million patents for the same basic ideas in the 90s-00. Now it's just about finding loopholes and errors to force settlements. They should drag the people up on the stand and make them show what they made with it because it would be a big nothing:D Most are just for and idea that everyone had but with no real" how to" behind it.
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they need fresh stuff to sue ppl with it seems.
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