Tuesday, February 14th 2012

Advantech Launches the ARK-1120 Atom-Powered Embedded PC

Advantech,a global leader in the embedded computing market, is happy to announce the ARK-1120, an ultra-compact and price-competitive fanless embedded system powered by an Intel Atom N455 processor. Its compact size, affordable price, robust performance and support for both HDD and CompactFlash memory make the ARK-1120 attractive for a range of embedded usages.

This product is well-suited for applications that need a simple but dependable controller. ARK-1120 is ideal for thin client and factory automation applications with space limited or low-power-consumption designs.

Ultra Slim, Easy Implementation

Even before its release, clients are lining up to take advantage of what the ARK-1120 has to offer. A Hong Kong customer will be using ARK-1120s in their new hotel signage application as easy-maintenance, fanless display systems. Across the Pacific in the U.S., the ARK-1120 will be rolling into duty as the central processor in a medical care cart, where its compact size and low power consumption make it ideal. The resulting extended duty between battery recharges is a definite advantage for these nursing carts.

Built-in Smart Remote Management Tools - SUSIAccess

Advantech SUSIAccess provides a smart, easy, remote management API so users can monitor, configure, and control a large number of terminals and centralize maintenance. Advantech SUSIAccess also supports FTP offsite back-up of complete system and files at any time, along with full system and file restore if the system should ever fail to boot up or crash. ARK-1120 is quite compact, and makes an ideal client terminal. ARK-1120 paired with Advantech SUSIAccess makes the whole system more reliable and more intelligent.


- Ultra Slim and Price-competitive Intel Atom N455 Fanless Embedded Box PC
- Fanless, ultra-compact embedded box IPC
- Built-in Intel Atom processor N455 1.66 GHz
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 133.8 x 43.1 x 94.2 mm
- Supports 2.5" SATA HDD
- Low-power-consumption solution. Power consumption < 10W
- One half mini-PCIe socket expansion
- Ultra compact size; robust, fanless construction with VESA mount
- OS support list: Windows 7, Windows 7 Embedded, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE 6.0, Linux, QNX
- IP40

ARK-1120 is available now.
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It's all cool but why no one ever embeds HDMI port? They all come with VGA only. WHY?
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ARK-1120 is available now.
Price? I bet it'll cost more than it actually deserves.
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