Monday, February 20th 2012

HighPoint Launches the RocketCache 3240X8 SSD caching solution

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., the industry's price-leader for SATA and SAS HBA and storage solutions, launches the RocketCache 3240X8; a ground-breaking SSD caching solution that is set to revolutionize high-performance storage for desktop PC's and workstations.

Unlike conventional caching products which were designed for generic, every-day software applications or are tied to a particular SSD or motherboard, RocketCache allows you to create your own high-performance storage solution using off the shelf hard disks and SSDs.

Introducing the RocketCahce 3420X8 Controller - 4-Port SAT 6 Gb/s PCI-E 2.0 x8

The RocketCache 3240X8 HBA's 4 independent SATA 6 Gb/s ports are powered by a blazing fast PCI-Express 2.0 host interface, and has been optimized for today's fastest SSDs and hard disk drives. The RocketCache 3240X8 was designed for high-performance, Windows-based PC platforms, is fully backwards compatible with PCI-E 1.0 x8 and x16 slots, and supports SATA hard disks and SSDs of any generation.

RocketCache puts You in the Driver's Seat

Why settle for caching products that restrict you to a single SSD or hard disk, or limit performance gains to the operating system's default applications? With HighPoint's RocketCache 3240X8, you can craft the SSD caching solution that meets your exact specifications. Mix and match combinations of hard disks and SSDs as you see fit: double-up 2 hard disks with 2 SSD’s for fast, high-security data storage, or link up to 3 SSDs with a single hard drive for extreme performance.

Freedom of Choice

The easy to use software interface allows you to select from one of four specialized Caching Methods, each designed for specific applications and storage requirements. Maximum Performance optimizes your hard disk and SSD configurations for incredibly fast data access and data transfers. Maximum Protection allows you to pair one or more SSD’s with multiple hard disks for optimal data security and read performance. For a balanced approach, select either High-Performance with Cache Protection or High-Protection with Cache Performance.


The RocketCache 3240X8 will become available late-February to early March, from HighPoint's world-wide
network of Distribution and Reseller channels.
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Completely Bonkers
Interesting product. But I'm under the impression the "data security option" is software rather than hardware RAID. Shame. Make that hardware RAID and OS driver independent and I'd be a buyer. A caching RAID 1 would be a brilliant product for a workstation.
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Mini-SAS port, nice. Makes for tidy cabling.
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