Tuesday, February 28th 2012

Tizen Software Platform Gains Momentum and Adds Industry Support

Tizen Association and Linux Foundation today announced important progress updates that advance the Tizen software platform towards market introduction. Included in today's announcement is the release of the beta release of the Tizen platform source code and SDK and the news that Huawei has joined the Tizen Association Board of Directors.

As announced today by the Tizen Technical Steering Group on tizen.org, developers are encouraged to start working with the new features and functionality of the Tizen beta source code and SDK and provide feedback to help improve the platform during the final stages of its development. The beta release features an updated UI framework and web APIs for easier development of rich web applications and the Tizen SDK now features Windows operating system support in addition to Ubuntu to provide developers with greater choice in managing their projects. Developers can obtain further details from the blog post and download the beta SDK here.

"It is very pleasing that Tizen continues to make good progress while capturing broad industry leadership," said Morgan Gillis, executive director of Tizen Association. "The new platform seeks to give device vendors freedom to differentiate and to assist operators in all regions to compile user propositions in a flexible way which is attuned to the specific requirements of their markets."

Within today's news it is also confirmed that Huawei has joined the Tizen Association Board with the intention of creating and commercializing Tizen handsets for a range of markets and so comes together with the other Board companies who are guiding Tizen to serve the need of the industry at-large for an independent device software platform and ecosystem.

"We are very happy to join fellow industry leaders on the Board of Tizen Association," said Glory Zhang, spokesperson for Huawei Device. "Our ongoing goal is to work closely with our customers and partners to bring truly innovative handset propositions to consumers in all markets and the new Tizen ecosystem complements our existing areas of focus and provides fresh opportunity for tremendously strengthening Huawei's brand name in the mobile segment."

"We warmly welcome Huawei to Tizen Association," said Kiyohito Nagata of NTT DOCOMO, chairperson of Tizen Association. "The open source approach and strong industry guidance through the Tizen Association Board are designed to make Tizen attractive to a wide range of companies and developers -- we look forward to seeing many instances of mutual success within the new ecosystem."

Tizen is an open source, cross-architecture, standards-based device software platform featuring a standards-based HTML5 and W3C standards enabling device-independent applications to be produced efficiently for cross-platform deployment. This approach leverages the robustness and flexibility of HTML5 which is rapidly emerging as a preferred application environment for mobile applications.
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I couldn't care any less. I got butt raped with Bada OS because they promised the world and all i got was a heavily compacted poop. Android, iOS or WP7. Don't even bother with anything else until it proves itself enough. Just to protect yourself from infinite disappointment when you buy a 350 EUR smartphone that essentially has very poor apps selection, gets 1 crappy update per year for which you have to wait like a total moron (if you're lucky) and has absolutely no support or future.
And the name is stupid. Tizen. Who thought of this!? Why haven't they just called it Tarzan...
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Remeber WebOS, I still think it's a great OS but Mobile OS are dominated by the big boys.
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