Wednesday, February 29th 2012

All White Xbox 360 Kinect Starts Shipping

Microsoft started shipping a special-edition white Xbox 360 4 GB Kinect, which is a return to the console's original colors, but on its new chassis design. The bundle includes a white colored Kinect, and white colored controllers that aren't completely lifted from the classic Xbox 360 design (the back side is white instead of gray). The bundle also includes copies of Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports, and a 3-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The bundle is priced at US $299.99.
Source: Major Nelson
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I don't know whether yo say if Microsoft is coping Apple or not. I mean, most stuff from Apple is white, but it's not like they have patented the color (or at least not yet).
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actually... the first gen xbox 360s were white to begin with. of course they could have been copying them back then i guess... not that they really need to seeing as apple doesn't have a game console.

as for the bundle, that's a pretty reasonable price.
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Microsoft doesn't care about Black Consoles...
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Completely Bonkers
It's a sad admission of the didnt-live-up-to-expectations that the best bundle they can offer is Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports. Both there at the start, and both pretty rubbish and enough to make a buyer get "turned off" by kinect. Well it did for us anyway... SURELY after 18 months there must be better Kinect games to offer.
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This. Looks. Too. Old. :/ Reminds me of the original Go Pro series. Hopefully the color didn't bring any RROD myths along with it :P
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