Wednesday, February 29th 2012

Lenovo's Online Shop Stops Selling Atom-Powered Netbooks

While it won't confirm an exit from the netbook market, Lenovo has distanced itself from this platform by deciding to stop selling netbooks through its online store. Lenovo's Atom-powered machines can still be found through resellers but the company's website is currently only selling some AMD-based models like the (11.6-inch) IdeaPad S205 and ThinkPad X130e.

Spokesman Ray Gorman revealed that Lenovo's Atom netbooks are "not being replaced in the near future" so it seems Cedar Trail is a no-go for yet another PC maker (Dell also said no to the platform and to netbooks in general).

Consumer interest for netbooks has fallen since tablets came into play so it seems Lenovo is just going with the market, putting netbooks on hold while pushing forward its tablet line which starts at just $209 with the IdeaPad Tablet A1.

Source: Computerworld
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About time the atom-powered netbooks were always horrible to work with. Just leave them in NAS units and low-power file servers.
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Completely Bonkers
Atom has failed to improve in performance. The Atoms today are only 20-30% faster than those released 3 and a half years ago (released mid 2008). They should be 2-3x faster, not 20-30% faster.

And those silly handicaps that Intel placed on the platform: underperforming chipset with high power consumption, poor graphics, graphics limited in resolution... making their use when attached to secondary external displays very poor, and the relatively high price of the Atom platform. Intel deserves to hurt for product mismanagement.

Intel tried so hard to make sure Atom didnt cannibalize its premium laptop chipsets that it was overzealous in keeping Atom down. It believed there was no competition and that it had a monopoly on netbook x86, and ARM (and tablets) were no threat. How vainglorious.

If Atom has failed, Intel has failed. AMD has a great netbook chipset. ARM has stepped into the low-power market.

Let heads roll!
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since tablets arise, netbook's market goes smaller so this is maybe a realistic way for lenovo
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I can`t say I will miss the atom based lenovo`s
The AMD based Lenovo netbooks are great though..
I have no idea who`s alienware that is.... I most certainly WAS NOT watching movies or sharing files.
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to me cedar trial looks great on paper, i havent seen the performance numbers, although on the graphics front im sure a c-50 would still win, ill go look for a n2600 review and get back, dual core quad thread has to count for something

edit: looked it up and it barely beats the c-60 in cinebench cpu test, i expected better intel
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my fathers nettop computer has an atom 330 cpu and it runs windows 7 32bit just okay for him. the atom gets a WHI score of 3.3. atoms are okay for basic stuff. i would freak out if i had to use it for more than light web browsing or watching a video that is more than 720p
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