Tuesday, March 6th 2012

GIGABYTE Announces to Extend Aivia Series at CeBIT 2012

GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards exhibits Aivia Series keyboard and mouse at CeBIT 2012. GIGABYTE is proud to announce that Aivia M8600 Wireless Macro Gaming Mouse has received iF Product Design Award 2012. GIGABYTE’s marvelous design has been honored with the world’s best-known prestigious award, iF Award which also seen as Oscar Award in design industry. Winning iF seal means that Aivia M8600 Wireless Macro Gaming Mouse has stood out from a total of 4,322 entries by 1,605 international top brands from 48 countries. We are pleased to share its unique and ergonomic designs again. Earlier, Aivia K8100 Gaming Keyboard has also won red dot award by its exceptional design. Winning the 2011 red dot award signifies a label of the highest quality and international repute guaranteed by Germany’s Design Zentrum.
Aivia Series has outshines all over the world and becomes one of the favorite peripheral brands of gamers. It has also recommended by IT editors and has won over 200 awards from worldwide last year. GIGABYTE announces to extend Aivia Series and indicates to present new peripheral products dedicated for gamers in April 2012.

Aivia - Advanced, Intuitive, and Versatile Interface Archetype
Adding to the already popular gaming device, GIGABYTE first announced its brand new Aivia product line at 2010 Computex. Aivia, an integrated acronymic word, is derived from its key features – advanced, intuitive, and versatile interface archetype. The series is to emphasize the combination of the subconscious, design and function as well as the pursuit of archetype. GIGABYTE believes each mouse and keyboard are the scrupulous work of mankind’s brainpower. Aivia is not only an extension to the human intellect, but also an intuitive extension to the use of artificial intelligence. For that reason, Aivia can also be interpreted as the AI via GIGABYTE.

Aivia M8600 Wireless Macro Gaming Mouse
  • GamePlay Wireless Technology
  • 100-hour long-lasting Li-ion battery
  • Quick-Swap Battery System
  • GHOST Engine with 32KB onboard memory
Aivia K8100 Macro Gaming Keyboard
  • Enhanced ergonomic gaming keyboard design
  • Touch and slide volume control
  • 20 anti-ghosting keys
  • GHOST Macro Engine
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Really impressive stuff here, i've always steered clear of mainly wireless mice. But these are just so sexy I can see myself owning both the keyboard and mouse. Cant wait to see some reviews! My g15 + deathadder seem dull and boring in comparison lol.
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