Thursday, March 8th 2012

Gigabyte Announces the GR-EZM0H Whitebox NAS Series

GIGABYTE introduces two compact models of NAS addressed to VARs and system integrators. Our 2 and 4 bays NAS are based on components that deliver an impressive cost-performance ratio and an overall unbeatable value. Thanks to our design and manufacturing experience, we make our customers be the firsts to benefit from these advantages and this is why we are able to bring you these models at an attractive cost.

The GR-EZM0H Series include all the mainstream features expected from a NAS and are mainly aimed at SMB / SOHO utilizations, but can also be perfectly suitable for a home entertainment environment thanks to their multimedia file management capabilities:

- Content storage and sharing between all the users' connected devices
- Files access and management from anywhere through a user-friendly web-based interface, compatible with IE9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari

- Real-time or scheduled data backups
- Hardware RAID for reliable protection against data losses, supporting automatic disk rebuilding, capacity expansion and RAID level migration
- Direct reading of multimedia files stored on the NAS with devices supporting the DLNA/UPnP standards
- Multi-platform support with Windows, Linux and iOS compatibility
- SMART monitoring system, warning users when a disk is about to fail
- BitTorrent support for direct file download on the NAS
- Supports iSCSI & virtualization environments
- User management up to 512 users, who can be organized into groups with different access allowance and disk space quotas


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