Thursday, March 15th 2012

Logitec Intros Colorful 3.5" HDD Boxes

Japanese company introduced a set of colorful plastic storage boxes (model: LHC-01). These are just containers to carry internal HDDs around, which could help field engineers and system administrators, it offers not much more than anti-static protection to the delicate drive electronics, and protection from dust. The boxes come with 3.5" floppy-styled label stickers. Measuring 162.1 x 35.5 x 110.99 mm, these drives feature a top hinged cap that locks into place. The boxes look to be made of ABS, and come in four frosted color options: white (LHC-01WH), blue (LHC-01BL), green (LHC-01GN), and orange (LHC-01OR). Available now, this hard drive-Tupperware costs 980 JPY (US $11.6) a piece.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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6 Comments on Logitec Intros Colorful 3.5" HDD Boxes

Does HDD stay fresh in this tupperware?
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chines always manufacture curious hardware
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I bought a HDD box from China n it cost me only 1 buck... :)
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I kinda like it, but not at that price. Give me 4 for $12, and I'd bite.
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