Wednesday, March 21st 2012

Intel, Microsoft Among World's Most Ethical Companies: Ethisphere

Ethisphere released its latest list of World's Most Ethical (WME) companies. The list honors companies for ethical practices. In its own words, Ethisphere defines WME companies as "companies that truly go beyond making statements about doing business "ethically" and translate those words into action. WME honorees not only promote ethical business standards and practices internally, they exceed legal compliance minimums and shape future industry standards by introducing best practices today."

Sorted by industry, you will find two short sections covering computer hardware and computer software. Under the hardware section, Intel Corporation is the only other honoree than Hitachi Data Systems. Microsoft and Adobe are honorees as some of the most ethical computer software companies. Find the complete list (sorted by industry) here.
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33 Comments on Intel, Microsoft Among World's Most Ethical Companies: Ethisphere

OH, I have such a headache
yogurt_21 said:
dafuq? survey company has to be seriously corrupt
Does seem that way the more I look into it. Not a non-profit organization for sure.
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Ehm, I stumbled accidentally onto some "operating habits" regarding this company in work late last year. I wont detail it, I will say it categorically means they should not be eligible for this list.
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LOOOOOOOOOOOL i dont think ive ever loled this much for a while now lmao

bribing dell billions of dollars not to purchase amd cpus is very ethical indeed!! and microsoft charging 100s of dollars for a os liscense simply because they are running a monopoly is very ethical too indeed!
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That top must be a joke!

Intel, the one that bribed several companies into taking their products over AMD?!? hahaha!!
Good one!
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Good to see few companies from India on that list.
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This is a joke right?
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haha what a joke , ms and intel ... in what context "ethically" ... i mean come on
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