Monday, March 26th 2012

NVIDIA Kepler Tech-Demo Called "New Dawn"

NVIDIA stunned reporters at its GeForce Kepler press-event, by smoothly-running running Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 "Samaritan" tech-demo on a single GeForce Kepler GPU, when the demo needed up to three previous-generation GPUs. However, Samaritan isn't Kepler's official tech-demo. It is reportedly called "New Dawn", and is a retake on the "Dawn" tech-demo, which baffled the industry, nearly a decade ago. "Dawn" displayed its central character, a fairy by its name, in stunning detail (at the time).

While Dawn was incredibly detailed, its environment was pretty-much just a textured sky-box. "New Dawn" could bring Dawn back into action, focusing on environmental elements such as realistic physics simulation, improved hair animation, and greater detail. NVIDIA has a wealth of new elements to play with, such as a level of tessellation that could be impossible to render smoothly on the competitor's GPU (even if one could run it). NVIDIA could distribute this demo on its websites (,, soon. NVIDIA, and rival AMD, release tech-demos with each new GPU architecture, which demonstrate the capabilities of their new flagship GPUs. Pictured below is a frame from the 2003 demo.

A "sneak-peek" video of the demo follows.

Source: Expreview
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Ferrum Master
i suppose this will also feature hidden pr0n mode as in older demo? :laugh:
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BigMack70 said:
Obviously Crysis is poorly optimized... I think that is obvious to all (especially anyone who has played the last level and experienced the joys of a memory leak that kills your framerate into the single digits regardless of your hardware...)
Well that explains that from last week! I was like, damn, this final battle is a slide show (560Ti2GB just medium graphics settings). The rest of the game was performing absolutely great. Definitely single digits but only for less than a minute. It's really frustrating to keep dying when you can't move or shoot normally.
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mudkip said:
Anyone remember the nude patch?:laugh:
haha, that's one of the first thing popping up when i searched for the only version :laugh:

so anything new about this "Tech-Demo" or not been leaked yet? ^^
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