Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

Inno3D GeForce GTX 680 TwinFan Graphics Card Pictured

Over the weekend, Inno3D held a lavish GeForce GTX 680 launch event, in Hong Kong, even though it announced its GeForce GTX 680 products with other partners, on March 22. We know Inno3D has a custom-design liquid-cooled GTX 680 in the works, it obviously has an NVIDIA reference-design model, too; but at the launch event, Inno3D unveiled its third GTX 680 product, an air-cooled factory-overclocked model, called the Inno3D GeForce GTX 680 TwinFan.

Pictured below, the card features an in-house cooler design by Inno3D, which has a racy-looking metallic-orange cooler shroud, and two fans ventilating it. It could feature a conventional heat pipe-fed heatsink underneath. It's also possible that Inno3D is sticking to NVIDIA reference-design PCB. The cooler shroud, according to Inno3D, is detachable without much effort, which enables end-users to keep the heatsink below it clean, and maintain high cooling performance. The fans are also said to spin at low speeds, resulting in lower load noise levels than NVIDIA reference cooler. More details are awaited.

Update: Thanks to the high-resolution image, we can see how Inno3D's easy detachable cooler shroud works: thumb-screws.
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Added high-resolution images.
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All those GTXs yet their is no GTX680 in amazon or newegg until now.
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They made a "cabriolet" card. Nice innovation, i like that.

For example when i try to clean my card (3870 blower type), i need to remove all the things and open it for cleaning.

Dont forget dust is the enemy of electronics...
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I don't get the logo between the fans.. :confused: was it used before by Inno?
Looking at the second pic it looks as if the shrouds come with detachable center logos(tatoos ;)) and in multiple colours(accessory?)
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While the reference GTX680s are on stock from each brand here in EU, I can't find ANY non reference cards yet. WHYYYYY? Me gusta, me wanta! 680 > my 7970. :roll:

Edit: nvm, I found this geizhals.eu/757469 but still on pre order only ><
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Im not sold on the look but I bet it cools better
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