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NVIDIA GK106 GPU Detailed

Following the launch of a couple of more GK104-based SKUs, namely GeForce GTX 670 Ti, and GeForce GTX 670, some time in May; NVIDIA will launch its third (after GK104 and GK107) Kepler architecture-based silicon, codenamed GK106. GK106 will make up sub-$200 SKUs, and succeeds the GF116, on which SKUs such as the GeForce GTX 550 Ti, are based. The GK106 will make up at least one known desktop SKU, called GeForce GTX 660.

Its specifications are listed below.

  • 28 nm, around 210 mm² die-area, Kepler architecture
  • Two Graphics Processing Clusters (GPCs), four Streaming Multiprocessors (SMXs)
  • 768 CUDA cores
  • 64 TMUs, 24 ROPs
  • 192-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, holding 1.5 GB or 2 GB memory
  • PCI-Express 3.0 bus interface
  • Around 130W TDP
  • Speculated performance comparable to GTX 560 Ti and HD 6950, competitive to Radeon HD 7800 series
Source: 3DCenter.org
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I'm physic

Can I call it or can I call it...
Post from German website 9 hours ago speculating or stating (can't tell which it's a translation) that the GTX 660 TI will be the smallest GK 104 chip..

Here's the link > http://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.php/news/hardware/grafikkarten/22377-nvidia-geforce-gtx-660-ti-dritter-gk104-ableger-in-planung.html

Here's first page translation.
Even if only NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690's tonight officially unveiled the "Kepler" is far from being complete generation. That will supervene the GeForce GTX 680 (Hardwareluxx test) and a smaller version is no big secret. The GeForce GTX 670 (Ti) finally haunts for several weeks through the Internet. Only this morning we were able to make a supposedly real photo of a reference map identified. As the rumor mill always well served will now have learned to the Californians to the GeForce GTX 690, GeForce GTX 680 and GeForce GTX 670 (Ti) and a fourth branch of the GK104 plan based on GPU. This will later move to 249 U.S. dollars on the counter, compared to the existing NVIDIA line-up but have to accept some compromises.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (Ti) is still at least about 1152 CUDA cores and 1536MB of GDDR5 video memory along with 192-bit interface have

While the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (Ti), only one unit-SMX should be removed, should be taken in smaller GeForce GTX 660 (Ti) are two such groups, the shader red pencil to the victim. Thus the smallest GK104 representatives were at least six units and SMX-1152 to CUDA cores and 96 texture units receive. The memory interface will also be curtailed, and include only 192 data lines. Thus, the number of grid amplifiers of 32 would reduce to 24 ROPs. For this is the GeForce GTX 660 (Ti), but require only one additional connection to the electricity supply. A single 6-pin PCI Express connector to meet her.

Reported to be NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 670 (Ti) follow in the first two weeks of May. When the fourth version to be supplied later in the group is still open.


UPDATE : Posting new post so this is not lost in the clutter of previous post.
Offical leek of GTX 660 Ti and GTX 670!


EUREKA .. "GeForce GTX 660 Ti is a mid-range graphics card featuring 6 SMX clusters with 1152 CUDA cores, 96 texture and 24 raster operating units. Card will be clocked at the same speed as GTX 680 — 1006 MHz. "

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