Friday, April 13th 2012

PowerColor Introduces Ultra High-end VORTEX II Series

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphic cards, today announced a gaming graphics series designed for enthusiasts only: the PowerColor PCS+ Vortex II series. The latest patent cooling series released with HD7970 and HD7870; by taking advantage of the deluxe “Platinum Power Kit” design, allowing the best power efficiency and enhancing stability at overclocking mode.

The latest series armed with patent “Vortex” II cooling technology, featuring an adjustable and perforated fan design, gamers can manually adjust the fan and its physical attribute, optimizing the air flow and dissipating the excessive heat efficiently, providing no-compromise cooling effect with silent gaming environment.
The PCS+ HD7970 Vortex II clocks at 1.1GHz core speed, while memory speed at 5.7Gbps, enabling the maximum settings for demanding titles. The PCS+ HD7870 Vortex II has 1.15 GHz core speed and XX Gbps memory speed, delivering the astonishing and breathtaking gaming experience to the enthusiasts.

Engineered with support for all the latest technology, the latest Vortex II series is well prepared for the next generation of gaming; by utilizing AMD Eyefinity 2.0 technology and AMD HD3D Technology, it supports multi-display stereoscopic 3Dcontent, allowing an immersive “wrap around” gaming experience. Also, it packed with AMD PowerTune technology, enabling the intelligent power monitoring to enable higher clock speeds and better performance when needed, delivering the most efficient way for gaming like never before.
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5 Comments on PowerColor Introduces Ultra High-end VORTEX II Series

As for now, the VORTEX cards are far from being "Ultra High-end"...
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Amazing! powercolor delivered badass cards powered by AMD's Radeon 7970 and 7870 with 1.1Ghz & 1.15Ghz core speed respectively, but how about overclocking ability compared with MSI's Lightning ?
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Resident Grammar Amender
Dj-ElectriC said:
As for now, the VORTEX cards are far from being "Ultra High-end"...

Ultra high-end and these cards in my eyes, don't go hand in hand. However, it's probably their words not btarunr's.
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General Lee
Lightning GPUs don't seem to be binned, or if they are then it's for LN2 and not air.

Sapphire seems to have the fastest 7970 so far, with Toxic. But it doesn't really matter since none of the AIBs bin the GPUs, so the only difference is cooling. Arguably Sapphire has that one covered too.
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The Exiled Airman
These are technically high end because of the chip they use... Only drawback is they use trislot design like some of Palit Sonic and Asus MARS designs
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