Thursday, April 19th 2012

Genius Announces Professional FPS Gaming Mouse for the GX Gaming Series - Maurus

Genius, a leading maker of computer peripherals, today announces the Maurus professional gaming mouse to the North American market. This new programmable five-button mouse designed for FPS/RTS gamers adds even more variety to the ever growing GX Gaming Series.

Featuring numerous customizable features, the Genius Maurus gives gamers a personalized experience in gaming. The Scorpion UI lets you set up to 21 macros, giving you a competitive edge in the heat of battle. These macros and other settings are always in the on-board memory, so even when switching computers at LAN parties or competitions no time is lost tweaking exactly how you like to play. Additionally, the Maurus' buttons, with default settings of left, right, middle with scroll, next page, and last page, are programmable giving gamers even more customizable control.

The over-clocking SG Core i engine lets gamers adjust the dpi to four different levels (450/900/1800/3500) directly from the mouse. FPS/RTS gamers can fine tune their control for precision targeting. No matter how quick your opponents move, the Genius Maurus with its 20G acceleration will help you to stay on target. Adding the 1 ms response time, this GX Series mouse is capable of keeping up with any fast action FPS.

Enhancing the gaming atmosphere during low-light situations, the Maurus' breathing-like lighting system gradually brightens and dims the scroll wheel and logo during game play.

The Genius Maurus not only gives you personalized control when hunting down your foes, but also provides a smooth, stable connection with a comfortable design. The non-slick rubber coating ensures a firm grip when moving the mouse violently back and forth. Additionally, the 1.8 meter durable braided cable with an anti-corrosive gold-plated USB jack ensures long-lasting, high quality connections.

Package Contents:

- Maurus gaming mouse
- Maurus UI driver
- Multi-language quick installation pack
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5 Comments on Genius Announces Professional FPS Gaming Mouse for the GX Gaming Series - Maurus

Ok, now all you "professional gamers" lift your hands...

Now seriously: my first mouse was a Genius and it's quality and drivers were a hell (or was it MS-DOS? :-) but lately they are designing stuff that at least looks better.
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erixx said:
Ok, now all you "professional gamers" lift your hands...
I play Starcraft II at a reasonably high level (or used to), certainly within top 2% of EU server, and I lift my hands. I have seen the pros do it a few times too, so I would think lifting will affect a bit.

This looks like a generic mouse trying to double its price by having fancy lights and "gaming" plastered on it. Not tempted.
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I meant "Are there any professional gamers in the room?, if so, lift your hands", because it is a sort of nonsense concept, apart from those Fatal1ty freakies that earn money gaming... lol
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