Thursday, April 19th 2012

PQI Releases All-New U280L Traveling Disk

Power Quotient International (PQI) has just announced the launch of its all-new U280L USB Traveling Disk today. The device's small and compact design was inspired by computer keyboards and, at a mere 0.68 cm thick, is roughly the same size as a single key. When plugged into an Ultrabook, Notebook, or Tablet PC, it remains firmly attached and takes up almost no extra space. This streamlined design eliminates cluttering issues common among other bulky flash drives. In addition, its compact low-profile makes it a durable and resilient partner, ensuring that data remains safe and secure wherever the user takes it.

The PQI U280L features a special sandblasted plastic exterior that is both sturdy and attractive. The casing is reminiscent of morning mist, and comes in two colors: aurora white and storm black. In addition, a glowing red LED indicator at the end of the drive flashes during data transfers to clearly signal the device's operation status. The U280L also comes with a free multipurpose chain which enables the device to be conveniently carried around as a stylish charm by attaching it to other personal items such as mobile phones, cameras, backpacks, and more.

With the emergence of the Ultrabook market, users are increasingly on the lookout for products that are light, compact, and thin. The PQI U280L traveling disk satisfies all of these requirements and more, and is the perfect match for Ultrabook users.

U280L Specifications

Interface: USB 2.0
Dimensions: 18.6 x 15.4 x 6.8 (mm)
Weight: 2.62±0.5 (g)
Capacity: 4 GB
Software: Supports Ur-Smart
Life-time Warranty
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the larger versions of the micro USB drives tend to burn out like crazy.
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