Tuesday, April 24th 2012

Cooler Master Unveils the HAF XM Chassis

Cooler Master finally launched the High Air Flow (HAF) XM chassis (model: RC922XM-KKN1). The XM is an ATX mid-tower variant of the HAF X, which is a full-tower. The HAF XM supports standard ATX and E-ATX motherboards, with 8+1 expansion slots, allowing users to take advantage of the bottommost expansion slot on their motherboards to install big multi-slot graphics cards. As with every other HAF series chassis, the design emphasis is on high air-flow, to maintain a positive air pressure inside the case, resulting in better cooling.

Measuring 252 x 530 x 579 mm, the HAF XM features three 5.25" drive bays, and eight 3.5" drive bays (that include two hot-swap bays with removable SATA backplate). Its perforated front grille houses one red LED-lit 200 mm fan (which can be replaced by a 140 mm fan, or two 120 mm fans); one 140 mm rear fan; two 200 mm top fans, and two 140 mm side-panel fans. Its front-panel includes two USB 3.0 ports (standard header), two USB 2.0 ports, and HDA front-panel jacks. The case is made mostly of SECC-steel and ABS plastic. It weighs about 10.5 kg. The Cooler Master HAF XM is expected to be priced around US $129. Find our review here.
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6 Comments on Cooler Master Unveils the HAF XM Chassis

i didn't use any of HAF series case ., but this looks beautiful
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kind of disappointing after Cosmos II, also the designer must have only one eye as he put latches only on one panel and forgot about the other one. :banghead:
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$99 is an amazing price for this chassis. TPU gives it a rating of 8.5 and I would have to agree, it really could use a high acrylic side window and a few more amenities. I paid the same $99 for a CM 912 Advanced and this case offers so much more. Still have not seen any chassis that offers so much to so many as my current 650D (TPU 9.7). Except there is one relatively new company to watch Caselabs. So far they just make very large full aluminum chassis for multi-radiator water rigs. BUT this summer they are going to offer more traditional tower designs both full and mid, can't wait to see them. They are a small group for now and only sell direct, but ship all over the globe. Prices as you would expect start at the $349 range and go up from there, please TPU do a feature article on Caselabs, pleeeeeese.

ok sorry, I found a TPU review of the Caselabs M8 awesome baby! and rated it overall 9.6 well deserved, Does TPU always get it right?


...anyway I hope you do a review on the smaller chassis coming from this group over the summer, they won't be cheap but I am sure much less, around the $249 range.
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looks pretty nice solid and rugged, but i prefer steel tray than plastic tray
then i guess they need to minimize using plastic for bezel and the top
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DonInKansas said:
MSRP in the U.S. is $129.99.
Hmmm, the review says 100US, 120euro, some discrepancy there.
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