Friday, April 27th 2012

PNY introduces the In Ear Stereo Earphone Series

PNY Technologies, Inc. is considered a leading designer, manufacturer and a worldwide leader in DRAM Memory and Flash Memory products, Introduce The "In Ear Stereo Earphone series" the Pleasing series and the Lovely series.

Delight to ears and also keep your wallet happy, it is affordable and comes in 3 adjustable ear sizes (S/M/L) and suits the comfort and demand of the listener. Comes in Vibrant and fluorescent colors encased in metallic finish and accentuated with eye catching colors available in pink and blue Comes in an attractive packaging. Offers superb bass and treble sound and further enhancing the listening pleasure. The soft tipped earbuds and lightweight flexibility provides maximum comfort and usage. The pristine audio output offers crystal clear sound that connects effortlessly into IPods, IPhones, PC and MP3 players.

With its priority in style, comfort and function the earphones is available at a relatively low price without burning a hole in the wallet. The In ear earphones lightweight (12g) and resilient features the cord length measures at 1.1 offering the listener. Provides noise isolation feature eliminating disturbing ambient sounds and providing uninterrupted listening.
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3 Comments on PNY introduces the In Ear Stereo Earphone Series

"PNY, worldwide leader in DRAM and flash memory, introduces earphones"

Isn't that kinda like saying "Koenigsegg, world leader in supercars, introduces new microwave oven"?

Anyway I'd be interested in a pair if the 3.5mm jack had a 90 degree bend, the cables always break after carrying my mp3 around in my pocket. Rarely happens with an angled connector and a thick elastic rubber near the base of the cable. This looks like it was designed to break.
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And thus more terrible IEM enter the market.
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these please me, as they are lovely.

wtf marketing guys?
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