Wednesday, May 2nd 2012

Jawbone's Best–Selling Wireless Portable Speaker Now Extends Huge Sound to Big Spaces

Jawbone, a leader and innovator in smart audio devices and wearable technology for the mobile lifestyle, today introduced BIG JAMBOX, a new addition to its portable wireless speaker line-‐up designed to deliver powerful, rich sound experiences in large indoor and outdoor spaces.

Similar to Jawbone's #1 best-selling JAMBOX speaker, BIG JAMBOX wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth enabled device - smartphones, tablets and computers - to stream high-‐quality music, movies, games and phone calls in any environment.

"JAMBOX was the first wireless speaker to bring stunning audio quality to the music, movies and games normally trapped between earbuds on mobile devices," said Hosain Rahman, CEO of Jawbone. "With BIG JAMBOX, we utilized state-‐of-‐the-‐art audio technology to fill a much larger space with amazing sound without sacrificing portability."

Crafted to Deliver More Sound Per Pound

At just 2.7 pounds, BIG JAMBOX pumps out rich, loud sound that is disproportionate to its diminutive size. Under the hood, an airtight enclosure features proprietary neodymium drivers and two opposing passive bass radiators. Advanced digital signal processing and dynamic equalization technology ensures all audio - from music to movies to voice - sounds great both indoors and out, at any volume. A built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 15 hours of continuous playback and 500 hours of standby time on a single charge.

BIG JAMBOX is also a high-‐quality, Type-‐1 compliant speakerphone. It features a newly designed omnidirectional microphone for 360-‐degree sound input, with improved echo-cancellation and full duplex communication for crystal-‐clear calls from the office or home.

Form & Function Beautifully Optimized

BIG JAMBOX combines beautiful industrial design with a thoroughly considered user experience to deliver an unparalleled audio experience in a gorgeous and portable package.

"We designed BIG JAMBOX to be artful and fit perfectly with how people live," said Yves Behar, chief creative officer for Jawbone. "Every element goes back to the purest expression of simplicity, performance and elegance - its compact size, the unique sound you hear when it's turned on, the colors and the wrapped patterned steel grill. Well-‐designed products don't sacrifice form or function."

BIG JAMBOX is designed to be social. With simultaneous multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair multiple Bluetooth devices to BIG JAMBOX, allowing friends to easily take turns as DJ. Listeners can control the music from their smartphone or tablet, or by using the buttons on BIG JAMBOX to change volume and pause, play or skip songs.

Smart Audio & Updateable Platform

BIG JAMBOX delivers incredible sound quality across a wide variety of content types and genres. Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms enhance and optimize output for the highest quality playback at every volume - clear and crisp when turned down and full and booming when turned up. It's explicitly tuned for balanced equalization and richness of sound, ensuring that all your audio is played back the way the artist wanted it to be heard.

BIG JAMBOX features Jawbone's exclusive LiveAudio technology built-in to the device, which allows listeners to immerse themselves in three-dimensional sound. Jawbone is collaborating with artists and producers on music, games and other audio formats that leverage LiveAudio to bring even richer sound experiences to life.

Like all Jawbone products, BIG JAMBOX connects to Jawbone's industry-first MyTALK software platform to download audio apps, software updates and customizable features for your speaker. Personalize the voice that announces battery life and caller ID, or customize the Talk button to activate a favorite feature. As new updates are released, BIG JAMBOX will become even smarter over time.

Pricing & Availability

BIG JAMBOX comes in three designs (RED DOT, WHITE WAVE, and GRAPHITE HEX) and is available in the US on May 15, 2012 for $299 USD at AT&T, Best Buy, and Sprint, as well as BIG JAMBOX will be available in additional countries this summer.
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7 Comments on Jawbone's Best–Selling Wireless Portable Speaker Now Extends Huge Sound to Big Spaces

Big Member
Looks like something my grandmother would prop her feet on to sand down her corns.
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Looks like something my grandmother would prop her feet on to sand down her corns.
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I could use a footstoool! this would be perfect. It goes with my desk!
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I've played with one of the original ones at an AT&T store, great bass on them, really a good little device, just can't justify the price (IIRC, the JAMBOX runs $100-150) whem I'm sure you could get a something similar quality for much less.
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One of my mates has the original one, they sound and work great!
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looks like utter shit to me, probably sounds like one too. :(
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I myself am a big Bowers and Wilkins fan but when I was in the market for an ipod dock speaker for the living room, I thought I would check out some other ones. This one caught my eye and for the money, I thought it sounded excellent.
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