Thursday, May 3rd 2012

Cooler Master Launches the CM Storm Sentinel Advanced II Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today announces the release of the most advanced mouse on the market. Sporting the latest Avago Laser Sensor and many other improvements, Sentinel Advance II storms back onto the gaming scene with near everything under the hood being tuned for ultimate performance.

Featuring the most advanced laser sensor, the Avago 9800, Sentinel Advance II is capable of 8200 DPI. This opens the door for much higher sensitivity and accuracy levels than was possible before and even extends its benefits to lower DPI settings. This is coupled with an ultra low lift off distance (LOD) to provide gamers with the ability to perform actions in a split-second. This ultra low LOD allows gamers to quickly reposition their mouse without the fear of sending the mouse cursor flying off to undesired areas of the screen. Sensor improvements also improve the accuracy of tracking on multiple surface types and textures to provide maximum compatibility.

Packed with new improvements, Sentinel Advance II still maintains the most beloved traits and abilities of its predecessors. 128 KB of onboard memory allows multiple profiles and their associated macros to be stored on the mouse itself. This makes the Sentinel Advance II truly plug and play for LANs, competitions, or while on a friend's system when there is an urge for a gaming fix.

A large palm style grip and modular weight management system ensure that the mouse feels as though it is a natural extension of each user’s hand. Sentinel Advance II features an Octo-Shade LED system that is setup for user-defined customizations ranging from different lighting effects to various color mixes. On-the-fly DPI changes are possible via dedicated adjustment buttons. Users that need more functionality will find it with Storm Tactics in that eight buttons can be customized to execute macros and other commands. Sentinel Advance II is the choice for serious gamers looking to edge out the competition.

The CM Storm Sentinel Advance II will be available in Europe by end of May for a price of €64.95.
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6 Comments on Cooler Master Launches the CM Storm Sentinel Advanced II Gaming Mouse

if I didnt have the Sentinel Zero-G already, i would grab one of these :D
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This is by far the nicest mouse i have played with!!
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So they only changed the sensor? Seems that way. Like we actually can use such high DPI.
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avatar_raq said:
So they only changed the sensor? Seems that way. Like we actually can use such high DPI.
You make it sound like the only difference between sensors is the DPI...

At least they released a new version for something that actually affects the mouse performance and not just for prettier lights or a better LED display.
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Finaly AVAGO sensor :D
PTE is many troubel sensor i hope razer use avago follow CM storm
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In today's PC gaming platform gear, without multi-button mouse, it will give the phase-out. :shadedshu

if you feel support, thumb it buddy ! :rockout:
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