Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

PNY Introduces the Whistle Attaché USB Flash Drive

PNY Technologies, Inc. global leader in memory and USB drives has brought forth the next step in innovation and design by successfully combining a whistle and USB drive together in a single device, the new Whistle Attaché USB Flash Drive. PNY Whistle Attaché delivers ease in portability and transfer of files and documents at the go and adding a creative and fun look.

Encased in metallic cover made of aluminum alloy, the fine and smooth texture of the drive allows for an easier grip and protection from exterior damage. The Whistle Attaché’ drive also incorporates waterproof and shockproof features to ensure long and continued pristine performance. The drive comes attached to an attractive beaded chain that can be adorned around the neck and serve as a fashionable accessory. Targeted specifically at children, woman and sports enthusiasts, the fully functional whistle works effectively and it also had passed the RoHS test for non-toxic concern.
The Whistle Attaché drive offers storage space starting from 4GB up to 32GB respectively, giving you more room for storing the important files, images, games etc. The drive is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS: 10.3 and above. It comes in a slim and lightweight size (3.4g) and guarantees a warranty of 5 years from purchase, In addition, the attractive packaging makes a for a smart and tech savvy gift, perfect for birthdays and special events.

PNY Whistle Attaché the compact and convenient capless design makes data transfer as simple as a child’s game. For more information on the product please visit this page.
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6 Comments on PNY Introduces the Whistle Attaché USB Flash Drive

Señor Moderator
btarunr said:
successfully combining a whistle and USB drive together in a single device
They did it! The holy grail of science!
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
wtf? did PNY decide the world needs a 16GB rape-whistle?
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Sorry boss, i swallowed 16GB of business documents while i was calling a taxi and some guy bumped me in the back...
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and...an useless thing again...!!
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sbsixth18 said:
and...an useless thing again...!!
Tell that to the Japanese market.
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