Wednesday, June 6th 2012

HighPoint Unveils Next Generation RAID-On-Chip SAS 6Gb/s HBAs

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., an industry leading Storage HBA and RAID solutions manufacturer, has announced a new class of SAS 6Gb/s ROC HBA Series. The RocketRAID 4500 series were designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional business and media applications, where performance, 24-7 data availability and reliability of storage are paramount.

Introducing the RocketRAID 4520 - 8-Port 6Gb/s PCI Express SATA and SAS RAID HBA
The first of this new SAS 6Gb/s hardware RAID Host adapter series, the RocketRAID 4520, utilizes a Marvell RAID-on-Chip 900MHz onboard processor, 512MB DDR3 cache memory, PCI-Express 2.0 x8 bus speeds and SAS 6Gb/s connectivity combined with industry-proven RAID IP, delivers unrivaled performance and superior reliability.

"We are pleased to announce the launch of our new breed of SAS 6Gb/s RAID-on-Chip HBA series," said Michael Whang, President and CEO of HighPoint Technologies, Inc. "Based on Marvell's innovative I/O processors, RocketRAID 4500 HBA's are the latest members of HighPoint's extensive SAS 6G product portfolio. This versatile, comprehensive SAS 6Gb/s product line was designed to meet the diverse needs of vertical Storage Applications."

The RocketRAID 4520 supports all major RAID levels including 0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 50 and JBOD configurations. The low-profile form factor and industry standard Mini-SAS ports allow the HBA to be easily installed into a wide selection of server and workstation chassis. An optional Battery Backup Module adds additional layers of data protection in the case of critical system faults and hardware failures.

"HighPoint's RocketRAID 4500 series RAID-on-Chip host bus adapters are well equipped to fulfill the demands of high capacity, I/O intensive storage applications," said Alan Armstrong, vice president of Marketing for the Storage Business Group at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. "Marvell's 88RC9580 ROC processors are fully integrated into HighPoint's new SAS 6G ROC product line, and deliver the outstanding performance, robust data security and versatility needed to succeed in today's competitive marketplace."

Superior Reliability
RocketRAID 4500 series HBA's provide an unprecedented level of reliability with a comprehensive suite of data security, recovery, and maintenance features. The optional Battery Backup Unit and integrated NVRAM with write journaling accelerates recovery in the event of a power outage. SMART monitoring with proactive disk sector maintenance and repair features greatly reduce the risk of downtime, while automatic RAID rebuild, with hot-spare and hot-swap features streamline recovery procedures. The RocketRAID 4500 Management Suite includes HighPoint's new RAID Recovery feature. This innovative security tool protects large-scale storage configurations in the event of RAID failure, by securely storing multiple copies of array meta-data for each RAID member.

Delivers True Host-to-Target SAS 6Gb/s Connectivity
HighPoint's unique HBA architecture with SAS wide-port support eliminates transfer bandwidth bottlenecks, providing the ideal platform for high-density, I/O intensive storage applications including digital content creation and media post production. True end-to-end SAS 6G SAS-Expansion enables each RocketRAID 4520 to support up to 128 SAS/SATA devices in cascade configurations when used in conjunction with HighPoint Rocket EJ6172 SAS-Expansion and System Management Controller boards.

Comprehensive Management and Integration Ready Software Suites
HighPoint's Software Storage Management Suite includes a BIOS-GUI and client-side interfaces that allow administrators to monitor the health of host-to-target storage devices and RAID configurations on-site or remotely. Solution-Ready software packages are available for the entire RocketRAID 4500 product range, and allow administrators to quickly integrate RAID storage into a wide-range of hardware and software environments. Device drivers are available for all major software platforms including Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Open source Linux distributions and Apple OS X.

Seamless Upgrade Paths
RocketRAID 4500 Series HBA's are fully backwards compatible with past and present RocketRAID HBA products. Solution providers and administrators can easily migrate existing RAID configurations to RocketRAID 4500 HBA's; critical data will remain intact, and all pre-existing storage configurations will continue to function normally. Advanced storage management features such as Online RAID Level Migration (ORLE) and Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) allow clients to dynamically expand, upgrade and convert storage configurations to keep pace with changing application workloads, without compromising critical data investments.

Why Choose HighPoint?
HighPoint is driven by the creative soul of our experienced product engineers, and an insatiable need for technological innovation. For over 17 years, HighPoint has been at the forefront of the storage industry, delivering cost-effective, cutting-edge technology and storage solutions to SMB's, Media Professionals and System Integrators, world-wide.
For the better part of two decades, our software and hardware development teams have dedicated themselves towards the design and manufacture of robust, cutting-edge storage solutions.

At HighPoint Technologies, we tirelessly strive to satisfy the ever growing need for cost-effective, robust, highly versatile storage solutions, and are committed to delivering the highest quality product and services.
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