Wednesday, June 6th 2012

Akasa Unveils Piranha Case Fan

Akasa unveiled its third themed case fan after Viper (which goes into Venom series products) and Apache. Called the Piranha, the new fan design by Akasa relies on a new impeller blade design with teethed edges and broad blade ends, which work to increase air-flow, which can then be traded off for lower speed and lower noise. Akasa initially only has a 120 mm (120 x 120 x 25 mm) model. It supports PWM control, and draws power from standard 4-pin connector. Its cabling is sleeved. The Piranha from Akasa could be sold as unit fan packages, but could also feature in future Akasa products such as CPU coolers, cases, and PSUs.
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6 Comments on Akasa Unveils Piranha Case Fan

Pro Indian Modder
maybe they were Noctua's OEM?
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No. Noctua blades are more close each other...

This seems a propeller of a boat.
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looks like they were chomped off by a Domo-kun
i dunno why they design like that, is that help the fan performances much or just to meet their label name "piranha":confused:
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I'd guess that is more for the label than anything to do with performance (if it was anything special we'd already know that by now) :shadedshu
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