Tuesday, June 12th 2012

Introducing MyDigitalSSD BP3 & Smart Series mSATA 6G SSDs

Building on the success of the industry leading Bullet Proof line of mSATA SSDs, we at MyDigitalSSD are proud to announce two highly anticipated SATA III (6G) mSATA drives that reach up to 256GB capacity at a price that's right for any budget.

Like their predecessors, Bullet Proof 3 SSDs offer the performance and reliability you've come to expect from MyDigitalSSD while boasting improved Read/Write speeds of over 500/300MB/sec with Random 4K speeds of over 20/40MB/sec. Featuring Asynchronous NAND Flash and the new Phison S8 Controller, BP3 drives are the perfect upgrade solution for anyone looking for the best price to performance ratio on the market. For those who like to push their devices to the max, MyDigitalSSD will be releasing an IOPS minded Firmware in mid to late July.
Estimated Retail Street Prices : 32GB - $49.99 | 64GB - $79.99 | 128GB - $159.99 | 256GB - $279.99

MyDigitalSSD Smart Series SATA III (6G) SandForce 50mm mSATA Solid State Drives
MyDigitalSSD mSATA drives are now SandForce Driven! Smart Series drives feature Synchronous NAND flash, the SandForce SF-2281 controller, and utilizes new Firmware that increases SSD usable capacity over common SF controller based SSDs by 7% - something Ultrabook users may particularly appreciate.

Smart Series drives are ideal solutions for portable storage applications where power consumption, boot-up time, application performance, responsiveness, and small form factor are as important as a price that can't be beat.

With SandForce's award-winning performance on display, Read/Write speeds up to 550/530MB/sec and Random 4K speeds of over 30/80MB/sec, the MyDigitalSSD Smart Series aims to answer the need of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Estimated Retail Street Prices : 64GB - $99.99 | 128GB - $179.99 | 256GB - $319.99

For more information, visit the product pages of Bullet Proof 3 and Smart Series.
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