Tuesday, June 19th 2012

Sharkoon DarkGlider Gaming Mouse Generally Available

Sharkoon has let its latest rodent loose: the DarkGlider gaming mouse presented at CeBIT is now available on the market. The Sharkoon DarkGlider is the high-end model presented in Hannover under Sharkoon's gaming input devices. Under its ergonomically designed, secure-grip rubber cover in matte black sits the latest version of the ADNS-9500 LaserSensor Sensors. The mouse contains up to a 6,000 DPI resolution, 11,750 FPS frame rate, 30 G maximum acceleration, a millisecond response time and a maximum 5 mm liftoff distance as a very precise, reliable and responsive playmate. The DarkGlider glides on five lenticular ceramic feet, which cannot afford to support any significant sliding resistance. The DPI sampling rate can be arbitrarily set and read in the illuminated LED display.
For comfortable control a total of ten keys are provided including two axis-scroll wheels and a DPI selector. All keys can be freely programmed using the enclosed software. The 256 kilobyte onboard memory provides room for up to five user profiles. Also through the software numerous other additional settings can be made, such as single DPI stages, mouse sensitivity, polling rate as well as the color, frequency and intensity of the mouse logo. For those who prefer a more discreet appearance, the illuminating logo can be turned off.

The combat weight of the Sharkoon DarkGlider can be optimally adapted to the needs of the game thanks to the Weight Tuning System. Four weights fit into the appropriate slots, with four weights in both 3.1 and 3.7 grams being provided. The maximum weight of the mouse is 150 grams.

In order to give the mouse strength and durability, Sharkoon has coated the 180 cm long connection cord with fabric, gold plated the USB plug and enclosed a set of interchangeable ceramic and Teflon glides. The enclosed high-quality fabric bag becomes a well-protected refuge for the mouse between its operation and transportation.

End customers will find the Sharkoon DarkGlider Mouse available for the suggested retail price of 39.99 euros in authorized retailers.
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7 Comments on Sharkoon DarkGlider Gaming Mouse Generally Available

Big Member
Reminds me of the sidewinder.
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~Technological Technocrat~
TheMailMan78 said:
Reminds me of the sidewinder.
reminds me more of the Roccat Kova[+]

Though the digital read out on the side ive seen before on other gaming mice, but i currently cant remember who makes them.
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CaseLabs Rep
Good sensor, I'd definitely give this guy a spin! I like the DPI LED. Wonder how the software is?
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man this mouse looks great, love the feet of it.
The display with the dpi numbers is a bit un-needed though, you know what dpi presets you made so a simple single light to show what setting you are in would be better.
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TheMailMan78 said:
Reminds me of the sidewinder.
Aesthetically maybe, but completely different in terms of ergonomics.
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I don't really see the Sidewinder here at all, but I do see the Roccat a bit.
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The top view shape reminds me of my Gigabyte M6900 but will more bells and whistles.
As usual no one supplies Sharkoon products here though.
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