Tuesday, June 26th 2012

Dell Expands XPS Laptop Family

Dell today announced the expansion of its XPS laptop portfolio with the XPS 14 and XPS 15 laptops. Joining the award-winning XPS 13 Ultrabook, the XPS 14 and 15 have the same beautiful, thoughtful design and craftsmanship in two additional screen sizes for consumers who desire connectivity, performance and entertainment, no matter where they are.

As part of Dell's flagship XPS brand, this array of laptops enables customers to choose the one that best suits their needs. The XPS 13 is highly portable and compact for today's most mobile users, while the XPS 14 provides long battery life and connectivity for those who need to get online wherever they are. The XPS 15 provides performance graphics and a brilliant display for multimedia creation and entertainment. All three laptops have enterprise-friendly features to intersect the design and performance desired by consumers with the security and services required by IT departments. Additionally, The XPS 14 and 15 laptops are distinguished by vibrant displays with hardened Corning Gorilla Glass, and use the latest Intel technology, such as the latest 3rd Generation processors, and Intel Rapid Start, Smart Response and Smart Connect technologies, to enable users to be productive, connected and responsive anywhere.
Following the success of our XPS 13, our customers wanted to see more of the XPS brand," said Sam Burd, vice president, Dell Personal Computing Product Group. "The XPS 14 and 15 laptops offer powerful performance, thoughtful design and a superb user experience, along with enterprise-friendly features so you can use them for work and for play."

XPS 14: Outstanding Performance
Designed for mobile users, the XPS 14 comes in two main configurations. The XPS 14 Ultrabook features a highly-durable machined aluminum chassis with innovative silicone base in a compact, thin, 20.7mm design. With a brilliantly bright 14-inch 400 nit HD+ edge-to-edge display, a backlit keyboard, and optional performance graphics, the XPS 14 is ready to perform all day in nearly any environment, with up to 11 hours of battery life – the longest battery life of any Ultrabook. Customers can enjoy the ample storage of a traditional hard drive with the responsiveness of a solid state drive with a 500GB hard drive and 32GB mSATA card, including Intel Rapid Start and Smart Response technology. Rapid Start delivers fast boot-up and hibernate response times, while Smart Response quickly recognizes and caches the most frequently used files and applications, allowing customers to access critical information quickly and easily.

The XPS 14 option with integrated mobile broadband sports a premium, black leather back so
there is no signal interference with the built-in antennas, allowing users to connect virtually anywhere, anytime. Connecting via mobile broadband is simple with Dell NetReady mobile broadband service. Providing connectivity on a session-based model, Dell NetReady is a "pay-asyou-go" service that allows connection where Wi-Fi may not be available.

XPS 15: Superb Content Creation and Entertainment
The XPS 15 is a thin powerhouse offering the performance, graphics and screen resolution for creativity and entertainment. With a stunning, vivid, edge-to-edge display that's up to 75 percent brighter than standard panels, powerful NVIDIA graphics as standard, backlit keyboard, and optional integrated slot load Blu-ray disc drive, watching videos or creating content is pure enjoyment. Customers can also store their multimedia content with up to 1TB of storage, and still enjoy the responsiveness of a solid state drive with a 32GB or 128GB mSATA card option.

The stunning design of the XPS 15 is driven by the desire for a beautifully crafted system
constructed for performance. The machined-aluminum chassis provides strength and durability
with the top cover precision cut from a single block of aluminum, and the silicone base feels coolto-the-touch. The hardened Corning Gorilla Glass screen is impeccably strong yet aesthetically pleasing with the near-frameless edge-to-edge design.

Peace of Mind and Support When it Matters Most
To give XPS customers peace of mind, every XPS product sold on Dell.com comes with America's Best Standard Protection plan. In addition to the Limited Hardware Warranty, the plan includes In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis, Premium Phone Support with extended availability, one year of Accidental Damage Service, and one year of theft protection with Computrace LoJack for Laptops Theft Recovery Service as standard. Accidental Damage Service is a safeguard for unexpected drops, spills or power surges that may occur. Computrace LoJack for Laptops Theft Recovery Service helps track, locate, lock down and recover a stolen system, and can even remotely delete sensitive data.

Enterprise-Friendly Portfolio
Dell has made it easier for IT departments to choose laptops that offer the security and services they value in a fit and finish executives and employees now demand. Optional enterprise-friendly features include:
  • Dell ProSupport is available for Dell business customers and provides end users and IT
  • professionals with various remote and on-site technical support for complex hardware and
    software needs that include access to ProSupport specialists.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) offers user and machine security with BitLocker Data
  • Encryption for network-based client computing.
  • Configuration Services include customizing BIOS settings, loading an image, and applying
  • asset tags prior to shipping to streamline the process of deploying XPS laptops to
    employees wherever they may be located, while ensuring consistency throughout the IT
Designed With the Environment in Mind
Understanding its customers' need to purchase responsible products, Dell designed the XPS 14 and 15 laptops with the environment in mind. Its energy-efficient LED displays have no mercury or arsenic and Dell eliminated harmful toxins such as Brominated Flame Retardants and Polyvinyl Chloride (BFR/PVCs). The laptops are shipped in many locations with sustainably harvested bamboo packaging material, and they can be configured to be ENERGY STAR qualified, helping customers reduce energy costs. When the time comes, Dell offers multiple recycling options (learn more at Dell.com/recycling).

Pricing and Availability:
The Dell XPS 14 (starting at $1,099), and the XPS 15 (starting at $1,299), are both available today in the U.S. on Dell.com and in select countries worldwide.
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4 Comments on Dell Expands XPS Laptop Family

Sigh... it gets many things right (actual ethernet port, nice bright screen, discrete graphics)

...but then they had to go and put it all behind gorilla glass.
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Hotobu said:
Sigh... it gets many things right (actual ethernet port, nice bright screen, discrete graphics)

...but then they had to go and put it all behind gorilla glass.
Ill be honest this will be good for most of the people i know whom are not tech savvy. I have about 10 people so far that have somehow managed to scratch their laptop screen. Dont ask how because they cant even remember.
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scoutingwraith said:
Ill be honest this will be good for most of the people i know whom are not tech savvy. I have about 10 people so far that have somehow managed to scratch their laptop screen. Dont ask how because they cant even remember.
Yeah, there are some people out there this will be great for. Especially folks for whom "Gorilla Glass" is a buzzword that equates to "super material," or the ones that think glossy = good. It's unfortunate though because if this was an IPS panel with a matte screen I'd bend over for it.
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To bad that Dell transformed the XPS series into an ultra-office series or something. I still have my ancient XPS M1710 with mobile 7950M GTX and still can play Diablo 3 and other not so new games...
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