Friday, June 29th 2012

PNY Announces Trendy and Pleasing Series In-Ear Headphones

PNY technologies, global leader in computer peripheral devices, have released the latest instalment to their popular and diverse range of headphones including the new Trendy and Pleasing series In Ear headphones. The ergonomic design and superb breakthrough technology delivers clean, crisp sound providing long hours of uninterrupted quality listening.

The new Trendy and Pleasing series headphones is fabricated in durable and stainless metallic casings with evolved designs that surpasses other headphones and is resilient against tugs, scratches or other external damages. The layered casing also provides enhanced sound isolation and eliminates any ambient sounds resulting in excellent bass and treble, with crystal clear quality sound experience. Added to that, the selection of soft silicone ear buds that come in three replaceable sizes ranging from small, medium to large, to suit different ear shapes and provide maximum comfort.
PNY in Ear Headphones are available in two stylish ranges, the Pleasing series, is available in two color palettes metallic grey and Black while the Trendy series comes in a bold visage of colors including metallic red and charcoal black.

The In Ear Headphones uses a high quality gold plated 3.5mm plug that is compatible with IPods, IPhones, MP3s and other computer devices and the 1.1m cord ensures superior sound is travelled to the ear for dynamic quality.
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How is something that tiny "trendy" unless you are speaking of the bum breathing on you while you ride the metro or subway noticing them.
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Doesn't really matter because I'd choose being pleased over being trendy anytime.
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