Wednesday, July 18th 2012

Genius Announces SP-900BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Genius is pleased to announce a portable Bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone – SP-900BT. This compact speaker not only allows you to listen to audio or music from your smart phone or tablet at high volumes, but also lets you take phone calls / conference calls hands-free.

Listening to loud, crystal clear audio or music with the SP-900BT is simple and versatile. Ideal for your home, office, or a day in the park, sync the 2-watt SP-900BT with a press of a button to your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone or tablet up to a distance of 30 feet. If a phone call comes in while music is playing, the SP-900BT notifies you with a ring. By pressing the call answering button on the speaker, you can listen and talk without having to touch your phone.
For office use, the SP-900BT is perfect for conference calls. The SP-900BT emits clear, quality sounds when placed in the middle of a conference room, everyone can hear and speak clearly and without strain; avoiding the awkward crowding around a microphone. In addition, the SP-900BT can be positioned facing forward or upwards for optimal listening and speaking in any environment.

Volume control is easy. The volume can either be adjusted using the controls on the SP-900BT itself or from your Bluetooth enabled device. Additional devices without Bluetooth capabilities can be connected via aux-in jack.

The SP-900BT is portable and easy to carry. With the included pouch you can listen and carry the SP-900BT when traveling or on the go. Thanks to its built-in Lithium rechargeable battery, it can continuously play wirelessly for up to 10 hours at moderate volume, and conveniently be charged via USB.

Technical Specifications:
  • Bluetooth Specification: v3.0
  • Battery: 700mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable
  • Frequency Response: 200 Hz ~ 20 KHz
  • Impedance: 4ohm +/-10%
  • Wireless Range: 10 meters
  • Battery Charge Time: three hours
  • MSRP: US $49.99
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Someone gave me the Logitec "Mini Boombox" bluetooth speakers for a fathers day gift and it's one of my all time favorties. About the size of a coffee mug sound quality is rather unbelievable for the size, batteries last 8 hours (while in use!), and it takes calls with a built-in mic. More expensive than this, but I highly reccomend.
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A speaker with a built in microphone..?

Calling someone on skype would be awful. You'd hear yourself.
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zithe said:
A speaker with a built in microphone..?

Calling someone on skype would be awful. You'd hear yourself.
Yes, like car phone speakers, there's noise cancellation technology so you don't get loop-back. It works fairly well on the Logitech, though the sound quality on the other end isn't so great.
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you guys should try this :rockout:
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