Wednesday, August 29th 2012

PNY Announces New Candy Attache USB Flash Drives

PNY Technologies, renowned leader in USB and memory products in the world market, has introduced the fun and eye catching Candy Attaché USB 2.0 pendrive and will schedule releasing USB 3.0 in upcoming September. PNY has always steered away from the conventional designs and broken all norms, introducing avant garde designs, giving a new dimension to Pen Drive. The Candy Attaché pendrive, the next addition to PNY’s popular attaché range, embraces the cute and sugary sweet design of a candy stick and delivers convenient transfer and storage of one’s precious data files.
Its high Speed 3.0 Data transmission accelerates data transfer making it less time consuming to access one’s digital files and media. In present’s life style where everyone carry more HD video, digital artwork, music and presentations, faster devices are required to keep pace with one's digital lifestyle. Those who still prefer the standard pen drive 2.0 can still have the 2.0 pendrive but with a new conventional designs. The PNY Candy 2.0 and 3.0 pen drive with its exterior covering encased in durable rubberized material, the candy shaped drive offers maximum protection with shock absorbent and waterproof features.

The matte finish and wavy distorted lines makes it easier to grip and use. Resembling the soft appearance of marshmallows and cotton candies, the drive is available in a lovely lavender hue complimenting this season’s color trends of pastel shades, making it look good enough to eat. To prevent misplacement or loss of the cap, it can be attached to the stylish personalized PNY logo strap.

In addition to its cute and soft design, the Candy Attaché pen drive delivers excellence in performance and quality. The PNY candy Attaché 3.0 with vast storage space available from 16GB to 32GB, and the 2.0 candy Attaché comes with the capacity of 4GB to 64GB

Both are lightweight (10.07g) drive offers compatibility with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 , 8 and Mac OS: 10.3 above systems. The pen drive also promises an assured warranty of 5 years making it a complete collector’s item.
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3 Comments on PNY Announces New Candy Attache USB Flash Drives

May have to get the wife one of these when she starts back to school. My worry is my daughter think it really is candy and eat the top or something. :laugh:
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Jermelescu said:
64gb via USB2.0 = slower than USB 3.0
Fixed. It wouldn't even come close to death unless your THAT impatient. If so, computers aren't a good hobby to be in. :laugh:
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