Monday, September 17th 2012

Windows 8 Launch Event Slated for October 25, Held In New York

Microsoft plans to hold a launch event for its upcoming client operating system, Windows 8, on October 25, 2012. The event will be held in New York. In all likelihood, the event leads up to a midnight launch of the operating system on the 26th. Microsoft's next big launch for the year, the Surface, could be part of the event. Windows 8 is Microsoft's next major update to its flagship product, which radically changes its user-interface for the "post-PC era." It is also the first mainline Windows version since Windows 95 to support a machine architecture apart from x86 and IA-64 (Windows 8 RT, supporting ARM).

Source: The Verge
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30 Comments on Windows 8 Launch Event Slated for October 25, Held In New York

EpicShweetness said:
Nah! Most of us here are smart enough to know Apple isn't the hype it is. Plus I hate Apple with a burning passion, I'm just saying.
But the rest of the world isn't tho.
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Senior Monkey Moderator
This thread is about the Microsoft Windows 8 launch event, not about Apple. Keep it on topic.

I would go to this if it was closer. I've never been to a launch event of any kind at it would be interesting to see what goes on. Free stuff would be a bonus.
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Svarog said:
I bet atleast 5 people will show up.
You Must be an apple fan boy.
I have a iPhone and iPad but no way a Mac computer. when it comes to real computers it's
PC nothing more...Windows....also maybe I will be moving to WP8 and Surface tablet.
Anyways if you are then you are on the wrong site.
Becuase All the computer components on this site is for PC which means Microsoft windows..........
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
Kreij said:
Free stuff would be a bonus.
i have been to several microsoft events and have never walked away with less than $500 worth of software licenses.
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erocker said:
... Windows 8 is okay, but it's nothing very exciting for me with the exception of SSD support.
What do you mean SSD support?
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