Monday, October 1st 2012

Synology Launches the First DiskStation NAS with Integrated Wireless, the DS213air

Synology America Corp. today announced the release of their first DiskStation with built-in wireless support, the DS213air. The new two-bay addition to the DiskStation family comes on the heels of Synology’s new Web Assistant, designed to simplify the installation process.

“The release of the DS213air is the next step on Synology’s path to simplify access to their invaluable data,” said Jason Bonoan, Product Marketing Manager at Synology America Corp. “When combined with the new Web Assistant, users can now set up and manage their DiskStations from mobile devices.”
The DS213air is designed for both home and small office use, and ships with Synology’s DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.1 operating system. The integrated wireless adapter can be used to join an existing wireless network or even to create a new one by acting as a wireless hotspot. The wireless hotspot allows for simplified file sharing without requiring additional hardware, making it an ideal solution for remote sites (such as construction sites).

DSM offers a suite of built-in applications and available packages to help users get the most from their systems. Home and business users alike will appreciate the built-in backup capabilities, from Data Replicator 3 for Windows-based systems to support for Time Machine for Macs.

Capabilities include (but are not limited to):
  • The media server package allows for streaming photos, music, and videos to media players on the network
  • Cloud Station allows users to easily keep files in sync between laptops, workstations, iOS devices, and the DiskStation
  • Quick Connect allows sending direct download links to users without the need for port forwarding
  • Surveillance Station allows the DiskStation to quickly become a Network Video Recorder (NVR)
For more information about the DS213air, please see here.
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2 Comments on Synology Launches the First DiskStation NAS with Integrated Wireless, the DS213air

Pretty cool concept, wonder what pricing will be and if it support AC standard of wireless.
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It's only 802.11n and it should be around $330
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