Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

Super Talent Expands Family of DDR3 DIMMs

Super Talent Technology, a leader of memory products and NAND Flash storage solutions, today introduced new DDR3 Mini-RDIMM, VLP RDIMM, and VLP ECC UDIMM modules designed for industrial, embedded, and sever systems.

These new memory modules all feature low operating voltages and a small form factor while delivering impressive 1600 MHz (PC3-12800) speeds in up to 8 GB densities. By running at 1.35V instead of the traditional 1.5V, these JEDEC standard modules reduce the voltage 10% and remain backward compatible in 1.5V DDR3 environments.

The new DDR3 Mini-RDIMM is perfect for applications where space is limited, such as communications, embedded, and industrial systems. Measuring 82 mm (3.23 inches) wide, this Mini-RDIMM memory module is designed for power and space savings.

The DDR3 VLP RDIMM and VLP ECC UDIMM modules measure a mere 18.75 mm (0.74 inches) high – a full 39% shorter than a standard height module. This means VLP DIMMs require about 40% less PCB material to produce and weigh about 20% less compared to standard height modules. VLP modules also let the system run cooler by allowing more airflow across components. Together, these characteristics of VLP modules translate to less cooling needed, less power used, lower electrical bills, and ultimately, less CO2 emissions. Super Talent's new VLP RDIMMs are ideal for embedded and blade systems and are based on 4 Gb components.

Super Talent offers a wide variety of DDR3 modules to meet the demands of new and existing system designs. Details of the new DDR3 modules are in the table below.
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