Thursday, October 4th 2012

Logitec Also Intros a Trio of Portable DVD Drives

Logitec also introduced a trio of portable DVD drives that are Windows 8-certified, and should work smoothly with Windows 8 installations on notebooks lacking internal optical drives. The three are bus-powered, with a single cable handling power and host-connectivity. The three include the LDR-PMF8U3L, a DVD±RW/DVD-RAM drive which features USB 3.0 interface; the LDR-PMF8U2V, which has the same feature-set as the LDR-PMF8U3L, but with USB 2.0 interface; and LDV-PA8U2VBK, a DVD-ROM drive.

The LDR-PMF8U3L includes a license to Nero Kwik Burn Express Essentials, while the LDR-PMF8U2V includes one to Nero 12 Essentials. The two measure 136 x 142 x 19 mm, weighing about 300 g. The LDV-PA8U2VBK includes a license to Nero Kwik Media + Kiwi DVD, and measures 132.8 x 146 x 15 mm, weighing 250 g. The three will be available from mid-October. The LDR-PMF8U3L is priced at 5,250 JPY (US $66.8), the LDV-PA8U2VBK at 4,935 JPY ($62.7), and the LDV-PA8U2VBK at 4,725 JPY ($60).

Source: PC Watch
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