Thursday, October 4th 2012

AVADirect Now Offers 670MX & 675MX Graphics Cards In Select Clevo Notebooks

AVADirect, a leading provider of custom notebook solutions, begins to offer the latest mobile NVIDIA graphics cards, the 670MX & 675MX. Within the last year, NVIDIA broke ground releasing the 600 series mobile graphics cards; providing less heat output and improved performance over the 500 series mobile graphics cards. Many end-users were weary of the first 670GTX & 675GTX mobile graphics cards, claiming they were "re-badged" designs with very few improvements over the 500 series predecessors. The new 670MX & 675MX will change the minds of those who were skeptical and change the way we think of cost-effective mobile graphics cards.
The latest mobile MX offerings from NVIDIA show vast improvements through specifications, released as of recent.

As you can see, there are major differences between the amount of CUDA cores, core clock, texture fill rate, memory clock, and memory bandwidth between the two cards.

Each card was designed to provide a significant amount of performance based on their price points. For example, the 675MX's performance is between the GTX 675M and GTX 675M in SLI. Pricing indicates that end-users save close to $150 by choosing the 675MX over a GTX 675M SLI setup. The considerable amount of savings, while receiving performance very similar to an SLI setup is significant. Combine the cost-to-performance factor with lower power consumption and the latest driver support from NVIDIA and the it becomes obvious. NVIDIA does right by their enthusiasts, and it appears they will continue to do so. The 670MX is also in a similar position, with a lower price point, but with effective improvements to the core and memory clocks, compared to the GTX 670MX.

AVADirect has worked closely with NVIDIA for countless years. The fact that NVIDIA continues to create innovative and exciting new products, such as the 670MX & 675MX allows AVADirect to continuously offer the latest in cutting-edge notebooks technologies to help enthusiasts acquire the right hardware for the job and/or game.
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4 Comments on AVADirect Now Offers 670MX & 675MX Graphics Cards In Select Clevo Notebooks

I still don't see the point on spending this much on a laptop on gaming.
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Actually, AVA direct has some reasonable pricing in comparison to Alienware, Ibuypower, Bestbuy...the list goes on...

I just picked up a 3610QM/GTX 675M combo from them for 1250. Take 1250 dollars to Best buy or any of the above, the best you get is a 660M....your looking at atleast 1500 for a 675m, 2k+ with Alienware. I am not faulting BB, it's just avadirect orders there parts from the OEM's and has minimal overhead, so if your patient, you can get more. But if your impatient BB is the way to go.
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Yea your right since they (at BB) are overpriced. I originally wanted to get a gaming laptop but the money I put in one of those wouldn't be able to play now days games (it was like 5 years ago)
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The Asus G75 is a good choice, nice ventilation too.
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