Tuesday, October 16th 2012

EVGA Step-Up Program Extended in Europe to 6 Months

EVGA has just announced that European customers, who purchase an EVGA-branded graphics card or motherboard between October 16 and December 21st will be able to participate in its Step-Up Program within a 180-day period (that's double the standard time frame). The Step-Up Program allows people to trade-in their EVGA card or board and upgrade to a greater performance model.

To beef up this promotion even more, EVGA has decided that people who get a card/board until December 21st won't need to purchase an Extended Warranty to quality for the Step-Up Program (the extended warranty is a requirement for the standard 90-day Step-Up Program).

"Our Step-Up Program is one of the many benefits available to end users when they join the EVGA community," said Lee Rossiter, European Sales Director, EVGA. "The Step-Up Program protects the investment an end user makes in an EVGA product, and gives them the opportunity to upgrade to a higher performance EVGA graphics card or motherboard. This promotion enables our end users to have the flexibility to 'trade up' through pretty much the first half of 2013."

For more info about EVGA's promotion check out this page.
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4 Comments on EVGA Step-Up Program Extended in Europe to 6 Months

Wow, nice for all you across the big pond. :pimp:
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I feel EVGA's step up program is lacking
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tacosRcool said:
I feel EVGA's step up program is lacking
As opposed to Sapphire's?, Gigabyte? Asus? Palit/Gainward? Galaxy/KFA2? HIS? PowerColor/VTX3D? XFX? MSI ? Club 3D? PoV ? Diamond? VisionTek? AFOX ? PNY? Leadtek? Zotac? ECS? Sparkle? Inno3D?
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