Friday, October 26th 2012

ORIGIN PC Now Shipping Touch Enabled Windows 8 Desktops and Laptops

ORIGIN PC is now shipping Microsoft's new Windows 8 Operating System on their full line of award-winning desktops and laptops for gamers, artists, professionals and enthusiasts. Windows 8 has been redesigned with a new intuitive interface that provides instant access to contacts, apps, games and personal data, yet still offers the same foundation from Windows 7. Windows 8 adds a variety of new features such as significantly faster boot up times, cloud connectivity, multi-touch support for the EON17-SLX laptops, and multi-touch support for 3rd party Microsoft certified peripherals to provide a new experience on your ORIGIN system. ORIGIN PC will continue to offer and ship orders with Windows 7 post launch to provide a robust custom experience for all customers.
Windows 8 Features:
  • Windows 7 foundation: Windows 8 is designed and built off the rock-solid foundation you've come to expect from Windows 7 offering great performance on an ORIGIN PC.
  • New Start Menu: The new Start Menu contains all of the information and applications you care about in one place, such as your contacts, the weather, internet or even your favorite PC games in customizable tiles for your convenience.
  • Cloud Connected: Windows 8 can store your settings, files and information to the cloud using your Microsoft account and allows you to log in into any other Windows 8 enabled device to sync your start page, themes, language preferences, browsing history, and browser favorites.
  • Faster Boot Up Times: With a better allocation of system applications and resources, Windows 8 offers a significantly faster boot up time over its predecessors.
  • Multi-Touch Support: Windows 8 takes full advantage of the built in giant multi-touch trackpad of the EON17-SLX Laptop so you can use multi-touch gestures to switch between apps, rotate images, zoom in and out on webpages and much more! Windows 8 certified touch screen monitors, wireless multi-touch trackpads and mice are also available as an optional accessory.
  • Free Lifetime 24/7 Support: Every ORIGIN PC comes with industry leading Lifetime 24/7 Support based in the United States ready to help answer any Windows 8 related questions.
Visit the ORIGIN PC Windows 8 Landing Page here.
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