Friday, October 26th 2012

Gigabyte Preps a New 1 GB Radeon HD 7850 Card

It seems that one memory-light Radeon HD 7850 isn't enough for Gigabyte because the Taiwanese company is currently preparing a second such card, the GV-R785WF2-1GD. Seen below, this latest Pitcairn-powered offering features an Ultra Durable 2 design (Low RDS(on) MOSFET, Ferrite Core Choke, All-Solid Capacitors), a blue PCB, a WindForce2X (two fans, two copper heatpipes) cooler, a GPU clock of 860 MHz, a 256-bit memory interface, 1 GB of GDDR5 VRAM set to 4800 MHz, and DVI, HDMI plus dual mini DisplayPort outputs.

The GV-R785WF2-1GD hasn't been priced or dated yet.
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5 Comments on Gigabyte Preps a New 1 GB Radeon HD 7850 Card

So this would be a stock clocked version then? Interesting. I'm looking to buy one of the 1GB 7850s and it is either going to be Sapphire's, Club3D's or Gigabyte's version. Gigabyte's +40MHz OC version is a little more expensive so I'm glad they'll be offering a cheaper version with stock clocks.

Never owned a Gigabyte graphics card. Read good things about them though, so I'm willing to give them a go. :)
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"Here buy this average card that we made even less stellar"

I dont get it
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I hope those Low RDS chips are a little tougher than the ones on my friend's Giggy mobo that fried.
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You guys know when the 7850's are going to drop below 200 bucks?
When i start my AMD build i want a 2gb 7850 , the cheapest one.
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