Tuesday, October 30th 2012

Now, A Mouse That Keeps Your Palm Warm

Japanese peripherals maker Sanko unveiled a new optical mouse with a built-in heater that keeps the mouse warm, to prevent numbness to the palm in cold rooms. Called the USHOTM04, the mouse uses a low power heating coil that can make do with power draw from a single USB port. The coil can keep the mouse anywhere between 35°C - 45°C. It features four buttons, and a typical 1600 DPI sensor. Measuring 70 x 40 x 70 mm with a 1.4 m cord length, the mouse weighs about 77 g. It is priced at 1,480¥ (US $18.6).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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29 Comments on Now, A Mouse That Keeps Your Palm Warm

For the porn surfer who wants their palm to feel more "life like".

DDD preordered.
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wot? i need one that does the complete opposite

maybe you guys that constantly have 0° celsius need one like these..
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3870x2 said:
Is this for people who dont have heating in their houses?
When my kids run in circles around the front room, it creates a mini-tornado which freezes my left hand :laugh:

But I use my mouse with my right hand :(

EDIT: Turns out, this mouse is actually available with a Futon Warming Mouse-Pad :laugh:

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Everyone ask LOGITECH if they would make heated mice!!!!
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