Thursday, November 1st 2012

Genius Announces Classically-Styled 3-Way Speakers - SP-HF800A

Genius is pleased to announce the SP-HF800A, classically-styled 3-way speakers. Designed for use with desktops, notebooks, tablets and MP3 players, these wood cabinet speakers are perfect for listening to music or watching movies.

Nine inches tall, these dual Genius speakers can be placed on virtually any table or desk. Further, the classical maple wood color design lets the speakers blend unobtrusively into the environment.

The SP-HF800A provides clear and balanced sound with 20 watts of output. Each speaker unit has two 2-inch woofer drivers for extended bass and one 1-inch tweeter for soft and smooth treble. The cones of the drivers have an elegant copper-coated color and golden plated rings for an even more classical aesthetic appeal.

Users can adjust the volume or the treble and bass according to taste with the two control knobs on the front of one of the SP-HF800A speaker units. The extra line-in jack, also found on the front, lets you attach another source of sound, such as a MP3 player, to the speakers without needing to unplug the SP-HF800A from your PC.

The SP-HF800A is currently available in the US and Canada for the suggested retail price of US$54.99.

Technical Specifications:
● Drive Unit Dimensions: woofers (2"), tweeter (1")
● Frequency response: 80Hz ~ 20kHz
● RMS: 20 watts
● Signal-to-noise-ratio: 75dB
● Body weight: 2,142g
● Dimensions:
Speakers: 94 x 224 x 130 mm

Package Contents:
● One pair of speakers
● Multi-language user's manual
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8 Comments on Genius Announces Classically-Styled 3-Way Speakers - SP-HF800A

I actually like these and they don't seem expensive in GBP.
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Senior Monkey Moderator
I don't think the bass is going to be so great with only 2" woofers.
I have an old pair of Logitech THX Z(something) with a subwoofer.
The midrange speakers in the satellites are three inch.
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Cristian_25H said:
...these dual Genius speakers can be placed on virtually any table or desk.
Wow, what a feature! :rolleyes:
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I bought those for my girlfriend well over an year ago. NCIX has been selling them in Canada for a loooong time.

The good:
+ They look really nice, better than any sub $50 set has business looking. Build quality seems very solid on the outside.

The mediocre:
= They sound only a tiny bit better than what you'd expect from a sub $50 computer speaker set. The sound is crisp and clear enough if you're not too picky, but the "bass" is only token. Worth noting is that they do not distort much even if you crank them up, and when you do you can clearly see how the diaphragms pulse - pretty neat.

The bad:
- the thing on the front is a "line-in", which for some might actually be considered a plus. Thing is, I would've liked a headphones jack on them better.

Overall, not a bad package for the price, especially if you get them on sale for less than $40, like I did at the time. They are a very pleasant piece of decoration, but if you're demanding of your sound system you already know to look for something else.
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My laptop has a 2" woofer.
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3-way? It would make more sense to get better bass from the tiny 2-inch "woofers" if they used a 2-way design I would think. Or do they think it's 3-way as they have 3 drivers?
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