Tuesday, November 6th 2012

Opera Software Launches Final Version of Opera 12.10 for Desktop

Today's web surfers aren't content just to visit websites to look at cute cat and puppy pictures. Sure, few can resist surfing for cute cat pictures and constantly checking out the latest news, but sometimes plain old browsing isn't enough. You want more relevant content, faster, and preferably without having to check a bunch of websites to get your news, email or other site content. That's one reason why Opera launched extensions, small enhancements that extend the functionality of your browser, for its desktop browser two years ago and started deeply integrating them into the browser.

Today, Opera launches the final version of Opera 12.10, with better extensions than ever, making them even more integrated to give users a personalized browser from the get-go. Now, keeping track of kittens and puppies or whatever you are passionate about online is easier than ever! With more powerful extensions possibilities in Opera 12.10, combined with Speed Dial's easy overview of your favorite sites and shortcuts, you get more of your favorite content faster and easier. Your Facebook pictures can appear in the Speed Dial entry for Facebook, the latest shared fashion trends on Pinterest appear automatically and the weather forecast is always present without having to visit the weather website.

Here's how extensions can improve your browsing experience:

Social: Keep up with the latest friend pics and updates in your Facebook and Twitter feeds, with the new and improved Speed Dial extensions for Facebook and Twitter. They've been hand crafted to deliver more news from your friend feeds, faster.

Lifestyle: Satisfy your fashion passion with Pinterest pictures right in your Speed Dial or let that stumbling kitty cat video be known to the world via StumbleUpon with just one click. It's almost a cute overload!

Serious business: You play hard, and you work hard. And, an extension like Readability, which focuses on text and not all the pretty pictures accompanying it, can save you a lot of time. Want to read it later? Send the text to your Kindle or put it in the to-read list; two clicks is all it takes. With Gmail and Google Calendar extensions right in your Speed Dial, you'll be able to calm that email-checking urge without typing a single address in the address bar.

News and weather: Keep track of the latest weather updates, sports scores and news via handy Speed Dial entries, and get the news delivered directly to you. No surfing is necessary. Are you serious about killing your productivity? Install the Speed Dial extension for TED and forever be tempted to check out the latest talks.

In addition to the new extensions, Opera 12.10 now lets web developers enrich a user's web experience even more. By introducing the Context Menu API, web developers can let the context menu (what most people call the right-click menu) get extended usability — for example, start a Tweet by right-clicking a link. The Resource Loader API lets web developers have their extensions interact with advanced CSS and JavaScript on webpages. One random example might be, oh, let's say replacing all pictures on a site with cat pictures.

Having cool and playful extensions is nice and all, but there's more than kittens and puppies to the Opera 12.10 browser. We've worked hard in improving the browser in ways that might not be that visible to the everyday user, but they still make a difference. In the final release, you'll find:

● Increased support for Macs! Opera 12.10 now supports features such as Notification Center in the newest version of Mac OS X and support for the Retina Screen in newer Macs. With the new version of Mac OS X, called Mountain Lion, Opera 12.10 uses the built-in sharing functionality to e.g. share a cool site on Twitter or via email.
● Built-in support for the SPDY protocol to improve and secure connections. Gmail and Twitter have already started using SPDY to supplement the HTTP protocol.
● The WebSocket API is supported and turned on by default in Opera 12.10. Opera now also supports ICC color profiles and color management.
● Support for Flexbox and and @supports to give website developers more control of how their website appear in the end users' browsers.
● Basic touch support for Opera in Windows 8 classic and pinch-to-zoom support in Windows 8.
● As always, Opera Turbo is your friend in cases of slow network speeds.

Download the final version of Opera 12.10 from www.opera.com.
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9 Comments on Opera Software Launches Final Version of Opera 12.10 for Desktop

The only thing that has kept me away from Opera is the abysmal bookmark managing system. If I want to use Opera, I will want to import my 600+ Chrome bookmarks, importing works okay, but organizing them? good luck with that!
Also, why is it so hard for Opera to implement middle mouse click to open a bookmark inside a bookmark folder?
They sure are adding a lot of features, but what's the point? I don't think I'll ever use 80% of what they added.
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I love Opera; it's my main browser.
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I use Opera as my main browser and I use a lot of these features. Speed dial is great in particular.

Middle mouse click can be set to do just about anything you want in Opera, or any browser really. I am not sure why you can't just change its default to that. I am not sure why you need 600+ bookmarks or how they are "organized" now, but I don't see duplicating it being an issue.
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I'm sure all twelve users will be happy :laugh:
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Roph said:
I'm sure all twelve users will be happy :laugh:
Cause following the crowd when it comes to the Internet and software always works out for the best.
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Fourteen users and growing.

I really am impressed with Opera. I tried it when it went to the Presto engine and started using it as my main browser.
I have tried others, off and on, as they spew out new/updated version and they just fall short for various reasons.
It is, even, my main browser on my tablets and phones.
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Long time Opera user here, but I had to go back to 11.50 after trying 12.00. I hope everything is ironed-out in 12.10.
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Ozpa said:
Long time Opera user here, but I had to go back to 11.50 after trying 12.00. I hope everything is ironed-out in 12.10.
What issue did you have with 12. Cause most of that was ironed out within like 3 days with 12.01
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