Thursday, November 8th 2012

Swiftech Unveils Revision 2 of the MCRx20-QP Radiator with Integrated Reservoir

Swiftech today unveiled revision 2 of the MCRx20-QP radiator with integrated reservoir. First introduced in 2006, the MCR "Res" has long been a favorite of users seeking to eliminate the number of components in their space constrained build. Revision 2 of the series adds several essential functionalities that now make this product one of the most versatile offerings on the market:
  • The L shape reservoir, identical to that of the patent pending MCR x20 Drive, provides a long term coolant reserve working as an air trap to prevent air entrainment in the radiator tubes, thus making the product an ideal candidate for a horizontal installation, but still permitting vertical installation if needed;
  • The reservoir features two G1/4 fill-ports allowing convenient access for refill in either a horizontal, or vertical position;
  • The inlet and outlet plenums are equipped with two G1/4 ports on each side so that fittings can point in either direction;
  • Classic "Quiet Power" series optimized thermal performance and audible noise characteristics for use with low to medium airflow types of fans;
  • Same great price as before!
MCR220-QP Res Rev2: $59.95
MCR320-QP Res Rev2: $73.95

For more information, visit the product page.
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3 Comments on Swiftech Unveils Revision 2 of the MCRx20-QP Radiator with Integrated Reservoir

I had sold a few old MCR Drive rads in past and they were good, Swiftech certainly has some good radiators. This one would go perfectly with apogee drive 2 water block. :rockout::respect:
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I don't understand why they don't make a 1x120mm version of this rad or the MCR Drive (the one with 3 inlets). A lot of cases are starting to use 140mm and 180mm fans for intake, but they almost always have a 1x120mm exhaust, which this would be perfect for... if they made a 1x120mm version.
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The awkward moment when you pour silver coil,you can't take it out.
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