Monday, November 12th 2012

Streacom FC2 Mini-ITX Case Pictured

Streacom is working on its most compact case yet, the FC2. Pictured below, the case will be available in graphite black and silver, and is designed for mini-ITX platforms with CPU TDP below 45W. The aluminum body of the case doubles up as a fanless CPU heatsink. The case measures about 185 x 200 x 45 mm. In addition to the motherboard, there's room for a couple of 2.5-inch drives.

Source: FanlessTech
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6 Comments on Streacom FC2 Mini-ITX Case Pictured

Something like a E-450 in that and you'd have a HTPC, sounds pretty sweet! :rockout:
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I hope the final build quality is up to the levels of some of its competitors... and the price doesn't break the bank lol

If those two things work out right this could be a very nice case for the minimalistic builder or the person with very little free space available.

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Those copper pipes look bent and wonky on that second pic....
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
I loooove those cases.
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Would have much rather seen 65W TDP design. That would open it up to a whole lot more processors, including good (not Brazos) AMD APUs.
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Pro Indian Modder
wondering how you get the motherboard in :confused:
is the back side removeable and you screw in the mobo and then screw in the back with the mobo? and then screw on the heatsink plate?

im sure this will be able to support 65W in air conditioned environments :)
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