Thursday, November 15th 2012

Penclic Debuts Ergonomic Mini Keyboard

With the release of its Mini Keyboard, Penclic, the Swedish company best known for its ergonomic re-think of the computer mouse, goes on to address the second most important cause for computer-related injuries: poor keyboard design.

Injuries caused by prolonged and repetitive use of computer keyboards and mice are very real and widely recognised health problems. Perhaps lesser known, is that women are three times more likely than men to develop and suffer such injuries. And a chief reason for this is poorly designed computer peripherals, unsuitable – even harmful – for most women users. As Marianne Ahlberg, physiotherapist with 30 years' ergonomic expertise sums it up:

"The design of today's peripheral computer devices is not entirely optimal for women. Keyboards are generally made too wide, requiring women to work outside the span of their shoulders, while most computer mice add unnecessary muscle strain due to their weight."

The new Penclic Mini Keyboard's design therefore incorporates the science community's latest findings about gender-specific aspects of computer work to provide a keyboard that works just as well for women as for men.

The narrowed down dimensions of the device facilitate an ergonomically correct working position that centres the keyboard in front of the user, allowing both arms to be aligned within the user's shoulder width. The frame has also been made considerably thinner – just 6 mm – than for most keyboards, reducing the need of slanting the wrists to a minimum.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard is equipped with normal-sized, Quiet-touch keys that give a silent but firm response with measured resistance for superior writing comfort.

But that's not all. The people at Penclic have even taken visual ergonomics into consideration by giving the keyboard a matte, non-reflective tone, with distinctly contrasting colours for central function keys providing optimal clarity and eye comfort.

And those who think that ergonomics inevitably means compromising aesthetics are in for a surprise. The stylish keyboard has a modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian design that will doubtlessly find great cross-gender appeal. The compact size is also space-saving, freeing up room on cluttered desktops.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard is available in two models: with USB connection or wireless. It is compatible with all operating systems that support HID 1.1, among these Windows XP, MacOS X and Linux/BND.
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9 Comments on Penclic Debuts Ergonomic Mini Keyboard

In what way is it ergonomic?
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Shinshin said:
In what way is it ergonomic?
yeah that part is a bit bs... especially the bit about computer mice being too heavy...
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It has a curved lip at the top of the keyboard = ergonomic apparently.
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Completely Bonkers
Apple keyboard is much better *** AND HAS FULL SIZED CURSOR KEYS *** Keys used much more than the capslock or tab key. These people are clueless about ergonomics.
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looks like someone has an excess of several thousands netbook keyboards to get rid of, tablets really messed up their plans.
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Overclocking Surrealism
This is a load of poop.
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yeah just marketing bull-poop
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D4S4 said:
looks like someone has an excess of several thousands netbook keyboards to get rid of, tablets really messed up their plans.
At least they found a creative way to market them. xD
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